What is love

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I know some people 
ask what is love we 
will do not know 
what is love
I know
I know
I know some people 
ask what is love we 
will do not know what 
is love but Love mean 
to me when you Love 
someone who make 
you happy and make 
you laugh and you 
can be yourself around 
and who love for you 
not because you money 
or you hair because that 
does not matter because 
all matter is what is the 
inside not the 
outside that matter
© Amanda Kay hill 

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Love is about the inside. Amen. - allets -


It would blossom

like an early spring flower

except for the seasonal

limitation of flowers.


It would elevate

the entire human higher

than clouds except

for gravity and the need

to be close.


It would not live long

outside the mind. Hearts

as the metaphorical

locations of love, would

pulse poorly.


No, love must bloom

best near the ego where

it can be altruistically shared



Stella Crews







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love that poem it is beautiful