tree tops

*Shadow of You (2)*

Trisha M Barrek Hopkins
Dedicated to Tops my lil stray kitty from Tree Tops indoor/outdoor pool @ fernwood Hotel & Resort. I miss you frown emoticon

A shadow of you 
That's all I see 
I can see right through
You're still alive how can this be
This cant be true

You aren't dead
I can see you and feel your touch
Maybe it's all in my head 
Maybe it's because I miss you so much


My mind must be playing tricks on me 
I know I have to but I don't want to let go 
You're my kitty I don't want to set you free
It's the only right thing to do I know


But every time I see a shadow
I think it's you 
But turn around and no ones there
I miss your eyes 
That powerful glow
It's just not fair 


Everything I love it's taken away 
It' either hurt or stolen
And I have no say
Except that when you're not here
My heart is swollen 


A shadow of you 
Is all I have which makes me very sad 
One that is so close to my heart so true
To once have you as my pet makes me glad


I will never forget
The times when you ran to me
And on my lap you slept
Hope much I cared I hope you knew
You'll always be my favorite pet



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