Razors In The Dark

Razors In The Dark



Razors in the dark calling for me


Come to the dark where peace will be


Though I know the pain will ensue


I must not leave a clue


From the razors in the dark



Razors in the dark, my only friends


Even though I know how it all ends


Blades upon the flesh over scar


That is how they are


Those razors in the dark



Razors in the dark, I try to stay away


On my emotions they know how to play


I must give into there call


All I have after all


Are razors in the dark

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I think a lot of people can

I think a lot of people can relate to this poem,


Those dark nights when you are soo close to slipping back (or slipping into) the self destructive addiction.... because that's what it becomes...

When the only way to know you are still there is to see the life pump out of it.

Those Razors have called a good few of us... ty to turn your back on those razors and opt for keyboard instead :)


I aplogeise if you feel my poems are not correctly standardised or grammatically perfect - dark, too detailed, etc... Alot of my writing just flows all in one, so I try not to edit it afterwards otherwise I start changing the work- which h

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