Soul, how it bleeds

I wish I wasn’t here, Too much fear

Too much pain, All for no gain

Soul, how it bleeds

Can’t get up off my knees


Tired of life, Giving me such strife

I can’t make sense of the world

Just want to roll up and curl

I’m just tired of it all, For freedom I call


Too much pressure, Too great to measure

Always so unsure, Unable to find a cure

Sum it up with emptiness

Everything is confused, such a mess


Sadness, it roars like a lion

Feel like time is all I’m buyin’

Each day a repeat of the same

Too much pain

Feeling of such shame

No one else to blame


Feeling so numb,

At work feeling so dumb

Am I the only one

Not able to get a fucking break

Feeling like nothing but a mistake

Believing every lie, Wonder if I’ll die

I once had a heart inside

Now, in its place, a hole that’s open wide

Hearts were made to be broken

The pain to brutal to be spoken


A tear, my best friend

With me until the end

Sadness is growing, A smile not showing

In constant mourning

From the sadness still storming


Lost my way, can’t turn back

Feeling as though I’m gonna’ crack

It’s all the same, Too much pain


Bowed down from the curse I serve

Am I getting what I deserve?

More than I can handle

Flame blown out of candle

Half alive, but mostly dead

Running from the demons in my head


It’s all so dark, dark, dark

Almost gone, my spark