Why do people like to hurt there flesh and blood with words and pain that stains reject thoses with a name to shame as if they were there to blame for what they feel. A world that will beat you down torn with your cloth of sloth hardcore dug deep in the skin as each hit damages a man. The peace is gone to the fire from which it cast. We ask how long this will last like we are in a massive disaster as we climb up the ladder to rise up then fall and get fatter saying what does all this matter as we get madder. How can I look at when I can't look at myself being selfless and selfish. Oo I get it cause you can't help it well then I guess I sure stem to your existence as a label like your world which I won't. What is your humor to humiliate like "" no common sense so dry which also you speak a lie from which comes out your mouth. Fake will be fake but you gain nothing just the emptiness that fill you nothing so you can quit dumping while you hungry for money and yourself and care about your own wealth cause there is people that also need help. Stop destroying cause you unhappy because eventually the same will happening to you and they will be laughing.