Have you ever had the wonderful surprise of finding something you weren’t looking for?

My latest was a folded piece of paper…tucked neatly in the bottom of a drawer.


On it was a list of 7 football plays…in ink…now faded black

7 plays I taught our grandchildren…when I was their quarterback.


Immediately I was transported to our back yard

but to different years…and different days

I could see us out there…playing football

practicing those 7 plays.


Two grandchildren made up each team

and since an even number we lacked…

being the oldest and the slowest

they made me all-time quarterback.


Which meant they looked to me to lead them down the field

to surprise, to astound…to amaze.

It was up to me to help them score…hence the need for these 7 plays.


As I stood gazing out the window

in awe of how clearly those old memories replay

I wondered if any of the grandchildren remembered any of these 7 plays.


I’m sure they remember our football games

and if they have forgotten the 7 plays that helped them score…

There’s a wonderful surprise waiting for them

one day

tucked neatly

In the bottom of a drawer.

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When our granddaughter asked us to help her with a project…something about an egg

she didn’t need to ask us twice…she didn’t have to beg.


because we know that time is fleeting…and as our grandchildren grow

the more memories we can make the better…so never will we say no…


Her project: to design a contraption…a creation of her own making

that when dropped from a certain height…will protect an egg from breaking.


Her job: to draw up blueprints and ready a report…

Our job: to offer assistance, guidance and support.


We tried three different contraptions…(they could be no bigger than a soccer ball)

and to our amazement, once each was dropped, the egg didn’t break at all!


Three entirely different contraptions and not one egg did we abuse

and now it’s up to her to decide which one she will use.


The collaboration was fun for us…as we watched her give each egg a throw

and we thought how lucky we have been watch our grandchildren grow.


How we were glad to be of help…glad to have saved one egg from breaking…

and glad to add another memory to a lifetime we are making.


She thanked us for helping her with her egg…and as we headed out the door

we smiled knowing it wasn’t just about an egg…


it was about so much more.

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Why do grandchildren love visits from their grandparents?

It’s not just the cookies or the presents they might bring.

It’s how the love they share brings comfort to their souls

and allows their hearts to sing…


And why do grandparents love visiting their grandchildren?

Because their souls, too, are comforted…

their love songs, too, are sung…

and because

even though they may feel older…


their grandchildren keep them young. 


Grandparents know their grandchildren make life more interesting.

How they add beauty and laughter…

how they enhance…

But what do you do when your grandchildren ask…

“Hey PopPop do you wanna dance?”


You immediately weigh out your options.

It’s not pretty when you shimmy and shake.

You think of your poor aging muscles…

and all of the parts you might injure or break.


You’re not as limber or athletic as you once were.

Who are you kidding! 

You were seldom limber and never athletic!

Then you look at your grandchildren and ask yourself,

Do I risk looking awkward and pathetic?


You never danced much when you were younger

not even at sock hops while you were in school

and with your grandchildren patiently waiting…

do you risk looking, now, like a fool?


Then you think of your grandchildren and you marvel

at how fast they are growing each day

and you think…life is made up of moments like this

and decide not to let this one slip away…


So you smile and you take a deep cleansing breath…

determined not to to miss out on this chance…

you find a place between your two grandchildren

and when the music starts…

you start…

to dance



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Studies show when you play with your children and grandchildren 

they are happier and healthier…this is true

but did you know when you play with your children and grandchildren…

it could also be beneficial to you?


When you play with your children and grandchildren 

they learn how to pick and choose,

They learn the fun is in the playing of a game…

not wether they win or lose.


When you play with your children and grandchildren 

you can see their imaginations and emotions evolving.

They learn how to take turns, how to think for themselves, 

they learn patience and problem solving.


When you play with your children and grandchildren 

they learn to laugh, to love, to care.

They learn to think for themselves, to be creative, 

they learn how to be honest and fair.


When you play with your children and grandchildren 

they learn how to joke, how to smile…how to rhyme

They learn you’re willing to give them your most precious gifts…

your attention, your love and your time..


Studies don’t show this but when you play with your children and grandchildren ...this I also know to be true…

When you’re old… they’ll remember the times you played with them when they were young…

and they will come back and play with you.




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Yesterday we volunteered at Ava’s school…at its annual jog-a-thon

The sun was shining and clouds dotted the sky…as we stood upon the lawn.


Music was blaring from loud speakers…playing a host of popular tunes

when Ava’s class arrived on the scene…a little after noon.


Ava jogged a couple laps…she was running steady, fast and strong

but when she decided to walk the next lap…

I decided to walk along.


We talked about frivolous things…and sometimes…we didn’t talk at all.

As we spent this moment together…I thought…when did she get so tall?


I remember thinking as we walked along together…

taking this moment to reminisce

how life is made up of simple moments ….

Simple…yet wonderful moments like this.


Moments that may not seem like much…

as we gossip about school or talk about the weather

But moments that are truly special…

because they’re moments we spend together…


We learn to hold dear these moments 

we learn to treasure everything about them…

Because any moment spent with the people we love

surpasses any moment spent without them…


So…if you have a chance to spend time with someone you love

By all means take the time and spend it…

And you have a chance to take a walk with your granddaughter

I would very much recommend it!


Because life is made up of moments like this

And it would behoove us all to learn…

Once a moment like this is over…

It’s over…


never to return.

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It was during Taylor’s 18th birthday party…when I heard somebody say… 

“The next game will be dodge ball…Hey, PopPop…you gonna play?”


“Sure!” I said knowing it’s been years since I ever played that sport…

knowing I don’t dodge like I used to…

knowing I‘d be the oldest player on the court.


But I threw, and dodged, got hit, and dodged…

You might say I was ‘in the zone’…

And, yes, there were so many players better and me…

but for an old guy…I held thy own…


I’m not sure how many games we played …but with each game…more energy I’d exert…

When we finally finished for the night…there wasn’t a part of me that didn’t hurt.


And though it seemed like just a dodge ball game…to anyone on the floor

To this 64 year old grandpa…it was really so much more.

Because, as I watch my grandchildren grow up…as I see time moving by so fast

I want to cherish every minute we have together…I want to make each moment last.


It’s simple really…whenever we have the chance to be together…whenever our calendars align 

I want to be a part of their lives…and I want them part of mine…


Besides…I’ll join in all their games, when asked, and do what my grandchildren do…

Because, somehow, staying a part of their lives helps keeps me younger too!


And so…no matter how old I get…

My eyes will twinkle when I hear somebody say…

“The next game will be dodge ball…


Hey, PopPop…you gonna play?”

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