When our granddaughter asked us to help her with a project…something about an egg

she didn’t need to ask us twice…she didn’t have to beg.


because we know that time is fleeting…and as our grandchildren grow

the more memories we can make the better…so never will we say no…


Her project: to design a contraption…a creation of her own making

that when dropped from a certain height…will protect an egg from breaking.


Her job: to draw up blueprints and ready a report…

Our job: to offer assistance, guidance and support.


We tried three different contraptions…(they could be no bigger than a soccer ball)

and to our amazement, once each was dropped, the egg didn’t break at all!


Three entirely different contraptions and not one egg did we abuse

and now it’s up to her to decide which one she will use.


The collaboration was fun for us…as we watched her give each egg a throw

and we thought how lucky we have been watch our grandchildren grow.


How we were glad to be of help…glad to have saved one egg from breaking…

and glad to add another memory to a lifetime we are making.


She thanked us for helping her with her egg…and as we headed out the door

we smiled knowing it wasn’t just about an egg…


it was about so much more.

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