Have you ever had the wonderful surprise of finding something you weren’t looking for?

My latest was a folded piece of paper…tucked neatly in the bottom of a drawer.


On it was a list of 7 football plays…in ink…now faded black

7 plays I taught our grandchildren…when I was their quarterback.


Immediately I was transported to our back yard

but to different years…and different days

I could see us out there…playing football

practicing those 7 plays.


Two grandchildren made up each team

and since an even number we lacked…

being the oldest and the slowest

they made me all-time quarterback.


Which meant they looked to me to lead them down the field

to surprise, to astound…to amaze.

It was up to me to help them score…hence the need for these 7 plays.


As I stood gazing out the window

in awe of how clearly those old memories replay

I wondered if any of the grandchildren remembered any of these 7 plays.


I’m sure they remember our football games

and if they have forgotten the 7 plays that helped them score…

There’s a wonderful surprise waiting for them

one day

tucked neatly

In the bottom of a drawer.

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