I love chocolate ice cream!

In my mind no other ice cream out there can beat it.

But wouldn’t it be wrong of me to dismiss all other ice creams

and of chocolate…make everybody eat it?


I love the paintings of Monet!

I love the impression in his work…the way his colors interplay

But wouldn’t it be wrong of me to make every other artist in the world

paint just like Monet?


I love to read a good mystery…

Love the action, the heroes…the foils…

But wouldn’t it be wrong of me to make every writer in the world

write like Arthur Conan Doyle?


I love the haunting sounds that emanate from the violin?

They take me places I love to go

But wouldn’t it be wrong of me to make every musician in the world

play with strings and bow?


I believe in the laws of nature…a higher consciousness…

some people call it God…

But wouldn’t it be wrong of me to force everyone else to believe

in the existence of my God?


There are people who say we need more God in our lives

of this I have no doubt

as long as we allow each person to decide 


which God they are talking about.

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Drive Away The Night

365 challenge



If from my stumble I arose,

and forced my gypsy feet,

to fully quit their rabid mumbling,

and walk the straighter street;

Could i find that lonely want,

with the wind along my back,

A solid happy bedding,

'neath my tumbled loathesome shack?


And what could from under cover hold,

my heartness in its plight,

To soar away this restlessness,

And drive away the night?

For the full sun in all her glory,

forgets ever to pencil in,

the path I need to follow,

and escape these sheets of tin.

(Original Ending to which the comments are made)

Away to coloured heights I'd fly,

As the healing purity falls,

And I'll road my footing wisely,

For I'm castling new King-ly walls.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Word for today Gyspy!

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I don’t consider myself blasphemous, not a heretic...or odd

When I say you don’t need to be one kind of person…

to have faith in a God.


It shouldn’t matter what God you worship…

what form, what shape, what size,

if that God is kind and loving…

compassionate...and wise.


And fighting over which God is best…

Which God has the holier word…

And killing in the name of God…

Why, isn’t that absurd?


A world of love, a world of peace

A world where every human blends…

A world where people help each other

Is that not what every God intends?


My God, your God, his God, her God…

wouldn’t it be a shame…

If when we finally get to meet him…or her…

all Gods are all the same?


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Can't get a blessing

When I struggle with god it had always been sad, but even through all the pain I'd refuse to stay mad. With out god who knows how'd this world would be? There'd probably be no land and only sea, and when you think about it what would probably happen to me?   God is great and he's always working to get better, and if something happened to god I promise you, my tears would forever shredder. So when ever your life is in struggle just remember one thing, ask your god for a blessing, our world's king!

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Work Family


In the age of time, 

Friends come and go,

But family lives in you forever. 


Some family becomes foes,

Others become distant,

While others become closer and closer. 

Some have demons,

While others have flowers within. (Metaphorically speaking)


With work family, 

We grow as a team,

We have Teamwork, 

We argue, 

We fight, 

But at the end,

We become One. 


Some work family stay quiet,

Others talk and talk,

Some share their stories,

Many express through thoughts,

While others are there for one another. 


We always lose family to many wonders of Life,

But in the end, we gain knowledge from those that leave us. 


Today, we remember & Reflect an LDC Brother. God may have gained an angel; but forever he will be in our hearts. Especially with the Officers at Forest Ranger Pursuit or an Apprentice to Merlin. But in the end, he will always be remembered as Justin. 


Justin, may you enjoy your life beyond Legoland. Until we all meet again. We will miss you!

April 9th, 2017



Author's Notes/Comments: 

On April 1st, I lost a dear co-worker due to suicide. My coworkers and I were heart broken to hear the news. So i decided to write a poem not only dedicated to him, but also to the Family Bond my job has with each other. 


RIP Justin!

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In The Name Of God

It’s wonderful when we love in the name of a God...

but I’m loathe to contemplate...

What in the name of God are we doing...when in a God’s name...

we hate?


I’m saddened there is hate in the world...

but shouldn’t we have the gall...

To take responsibility for our hate...


and not blame a God at all?

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God The Artist

I wonder if God is an artist.

I don’t know the reason why

but I wake up every morning...excited

to see his new painting

in the sky.


I wonder how he mixes his colors.

How he gets the yellow of the sun so bright

and on a wintry morning

how does he paint the snow...so white.


How does she make the oceans shimmer?

I’d like her to explain.

How she makes each flower so beautiful?

How doe she paint the rain?


As he sees the evening approaching

does he turn on the moon’s light

to help him see a little better

as he paints us all the night?


But then I think...I don’t need to know

the principles of what she’s designed,

I only need to marvel each day


at what her brush has left behind.

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Corinthians 6:19


My body is a temple.

It's covered in graffiti.

Some drunk man is pissing on it.

The stone walls are somehow rotting.

It smells of cheap alcohol,

And dried blood.

It is disgusting.

I am disgusting.


Do you not know your body is a temple of the not so holy spirit?

The one that shows you memories

Memories of how you were broken

Memories of how you didn't matter

Mmeories of how he touched you

Memories you thought you had forgotten

Memories too awful for any adult,

That you lived when you were just a kid.


Did I deserve it?

Is this what God wanted from me?

Or was this Satan?

Using me,

Getting inside of me,

Corrupting my body forever.

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Be Still


Everyday i lose it a little more

Every time I close another door

All of the time that i've got...


Anywhere i am going

No matter how far away I am

You remind me...

To be still, and know that you are GOD!


The storm surrounds me

There's death all around me,

but no matter what I know to be still...


The mountain's before me,

but I'm ready to fight.

It will be moved

before the end of this night!


The storm surrounds me

There's death all around me,

but no matter what I know to be still.


There's no more fear in my soul

You can't begin to know

the weight that I can carry


It's a lot


You no longer scare me

Your chains don't secure me

because He said...


To be still, and know that I am God!


The thoughts are swirling around in my head

(Be still and know...)

The emotions are driving me crazy!

(Be still and know...)

The storm, it surrounds me!!!

(Be still and know...)


That I-AM-GOD!!!!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a little free form writing to get something off of my soul.

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