The Glorious Painter

He has been painting,

Since the Garden of Eden wailed,

Witnessing the Original Sin,

Of the primary beings.


He doesn’t paint shapes alone,

Unlike a volcano the canvas is ever alive,

So are the works of art,

Each like an actor playing a part known and unknown.


Glory be with Him and His creations,

Letting them move at large,

Controlling at once as if flying kites,

Tolerant like a tranquil sea and like a west wind fierce.


Within an endless canvas we are,

Both accessible and beyond,

A surface to walk on,

A colossal space to stir.


The walking pictures end up in gloomy sepulchres,

Turning into foodstuffs,

Of those they crushed once,

The paintings don’t die; rather make room for new ones. 

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The Trio

The way, the truth, the life

Its words that i dont question

But you cant have the trio

Without having the confession



For every sin that you allow

To grab at your heart

It gives ground to the enemy

To let destruction start



He tries to take away happiness

And replace it all with pain

But theres one place he cant get

So he attacks at the brain



Because with God in your heart

The Devil will never win

He can knock all he wants

But he will never get in



I read it now in Hebrew

Where God will never leave me

Even inside a whale

He didnt leave Jonah, Did he?



We put too much faith

Into the work of man

When they say I CANT

God says I CAN



Through our failures and mistakes

Man will try to condemn you

But Jesus outstreched his hands

And said this is what ill do



With nails through his hands

He hung on that tree

Took away all those failures

He did it for me



Now walking through this earth

We have many other alleys

But if we trust in God

He will bring us through the valleys



Our Holy Father is waiting

Sitting there with his Son

Saying dont worry about the Devil

The battles already done!!!


by:  Blake Markle

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