When it comes to honesty and integrity 

there is a simple reason why

we need to understand the subtle difference 

between telling a truth…and telling a lie.


When we tell the truth to someone

as we look them in the eye

we know we’re telling them the truth

even if they believe it to be a lie.


And when we tell a lie to someone

as we look them in the eye

even if they believe it to be the truth

we know it is a lie.



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With the soul of our country in crisis

there is a truth we must behold…

A truth just as important for the young to remember

as it is the old:


Evil will always be evil…

when history is reviewing it!

Evil will always be evil…

no matter who…

or how many people 

are doing it.



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Had Forgotten



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As I watch our leaders spreading lies

using words…misrepresented…

I have to remind myself that truth is real

but a lie must be invented.


Which means it’s up to us to be diligent.

We must be the sleuth

able to sort through all the lies they tell

and discover what is truth.


We must expose the liars

and their lies we must assail…

For if our world is to survive

it is truth that must prevail.


We must not let truth be crushed

by the sheer weight and volume of their lies.

We must continue to find a way…

a place for truth to rise…


For if truth is ever defeated

If lies become our creed…

It would be a tragic day for all of us…


A tragic day…indeed.

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All and nothing


Like leaves, wavering in a pattern


 its darkening disaster of lies,

Stultifyingly whimsical,

  blue berry bright,

Truth is solid sure,

  detained in a shifting drape

 entrapment neither blue nor black,

Lured to the penumbra,

   cooling fools consciously sneer,

 at the camouflaged truth,

Never rare and simply pure.

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Reality Sets In

In your world of insanity

you think you have tripped

over a pebble

To look down

and see

That your feet

were not even touching

the ground

When you realize

you have fallen

from the ladder.


copyright RW Erskine

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human beings

What is truth?

It is timelessness.

Infinity. And yet, it is that which is always new,

Constantly creating, changing,

Experienced in quiet and solitude.



And with all of its anticipated fear,

Mystique, and intrepidation, 

We seek it....endlessly.

And when we think,

The truth no longer exists in our experience.


What is a mystery?

A mystery is the unknown.

The innocence of a child's mind is open to mystery, and creation,

And what is known, creates the death of a mystery.


What is LOVE?

LOVE ... is the most powerful entity in the universe.

It is presently undefined in a way all human beings agree upon.

No science can define it.


Ahhh...but we all "speak" of love. We tell our children we "love" them,

We tell our families we "love" them...

our friends, sometimes even our co-workers,

and even sometimes those we do not even know, or have never even met.

We sign cards and gifts with fancy closing statements signed:

"Love, Me".


We're eager to talk about the latest gossip column,

Judge and ruthlessly criticize the "love" of another,

Labeling it as "worthy" or "unworthy".

And yet, when all the outer layers are peeled away from this word,

This "entity of energy" that has moved mountains,

And summoned armies that have slaughtered millions of innocents,

We really do not understand it.

We do not know what it is!

We only know what the minds of history past have said it is.

Words. Words written.

We have yet to define it in such a way that we all agree upon,

And strangely, in some magickal way, 

Many of of us seem to know what it is on a level that is untouched in a tangible way.


What it is, is a mystery. 

LIFE and LOVE are mysteries, and perhaps, 

Even one and the same.


But we...scurry along through our hurried and cluttered lives,

Mindlessly injecting our man-made answers into love,

And so for many, it is no longer a mystery.

It has become a tightly closed capsule of 

"He said, she said, History".


And the species lives on,

With eyes that do not see,

Ears, that do not hear,

And voices that speak of a "love" and a "truth",

They can only claim unto themselves is "known",

Rather than face the TRUTH of the mystery 

Within us all.


And to me,

Strange and delusional as it may sound to some,

To me...it all sounds like "God" is talking.


Kindness is no mystery.

It is like a seed planted to grow a tree full of LOVE,

And when I leave this earthly experience,

Perhaps the small seeds I plant

Will grow into trees that bear the fruit for others

With faith --

Not in histories,

But in beautiful mysteries.




This poem written in dedication to the late great Maya Angelou, who often wrote of life, and love.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for spoken word in #periscopeartchallenge on September 10th, 2015. The theme was "mystery".


If everyone does what the world wants from us..

Now circumtances change to the holes in our way..

Paths that were clear, well the fading has begun..

Every green light has turned into red..

Stopped where we're at, the music has passed..

Influenced but not yet dead..

Dead but not very still.. 

Hope has arrived at the top of the hill






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