Sometimes we humans can be so cruel…so unfair…so shadowy and dark…

A little girl is kidnapped, killed, then found discarded in a park.


Children are being murdered…for that matter people of all ages

Families flee into our country and are immediately put in cages.


Children are bought and sold for sex…women are abused

Survivors of these tragedies are left bewildered and confused


After every horror we create…in this country and abroad

we appeal to the heavens and ask the question…Where is God?


I wonder whenever we see one human-made tragedy end only for another to begin

if, instead of looking out for God…we should be looking in.


What if God is in each one of us…in our kindness…in the way we live

in our smile, in our touch…in our ability to give?


In a hug, a touch…a kind gesture…in every compliment we pay

in every act of compassion…in every thank you that we say?


If God is but a feeling in our heart in our mind and and in our soul…

then shouldn’t we be trying to discover her…shouldn’t that be our goal?


What if this is our mission in life…what if this is what life is all about

to discover the God in each of us…and invite her to come out?


If we realize that the God we look for is with us all along

then perhaps we’d stop asking where she is…


when we’ve done something wrong…

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He was brought up to believe in God

That God was in his church…all knowing and loving and fun!

Until he and his classmates were beaten in the name of God by the priests and all the nuns.


He was confused at what he was experiencing…He was no longer enamored or awed

In fact it was while the nuns were beating him that he lost his faith in God.

What happened to him when he was young came as a shock…a huge surprise.

so he began to look at the world with more discerning eyes.


He noticed so much suffering and tragedy.  He noticed discrimination, hate and poverty

He noticed people senselessly hurting one another.  He noticed wars and animosity.


And he thought to himself…what he was taught in his church was nothing but a fraud…

A world so full of malevolence is proof there is no God!


But at the same time he noticed compassion and tenderness, acceptance and charity.

People coming to the aid of one another. He noticed kindness and humanity.


And it made him reassess his belief.  Perhaps his thinking had been flawed.

Perhaps his vision was too narrow when he was looking for his God.


And it was here he stopped his search for God.  All those years he had misunderstood…

It wasn’t God he should be looking for…so he started looking for good.


As he found good in many men and women…he began to see the light

He found good in gays and lesbians…in people black, red, yellow and white.


He found good did not need religion…it had no boundaries, no borders…no cares

And when he took the time to look…he found it everywhere.


Oh, he still noticed evil but the more he looked the more he learned

And the more good he discovered in the world…the more his faith and hope returned.


Hope that people will look inside themselves…find their goodness and be awed


and realize once they’ve found their goodness…they have discovered God.

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