Mary Shelley Wrote Frankenstein At Age 19

Animal Rights


Why did the vegetarian Mary Shelley, wife of Percy Bysshe Shelley, at age 19 write Frankenstein? As her way of illustrating the cruelty of research on animals.

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Population control would be easy with small pox and AIDS, measles and Spanish Flu from all those animal tested and developed vaccines that would not have been invented. Mice are killed by the millions annually. No one hears about test chimps anymore either. We are barbariians and the defintion of civilized has been distorted for survival reasons. If crops fail, eat the chickens and cattle. Slaughtering them is a profession now. Mary Shelley was 54 when she died. 


Now we have cloning and stem cell research. Why use domesticated meat sources when you can directly experiment on cells of humans in a lab? Think. If all the slaughtering of animals universally actioned world wide, we would still have to deal with dropping very big bombs on the heads of children. It is a just cause, anti killing anything, but there would have to be an apocalyptic life threatening event to end certain practices. - slc