Its Alive

Held to together,

this old corpse,

continues to rise

out of its grave


Alive, it's alive,

neurons fire,

unresolved disputes

of emotion,


The emptiness felt

in being a freak,

misery, the lonely



Carnal hate, the shadows

provide refuge from the light,

dwelling in catacombs of despair,

slowly starving, wasting away




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Maybe if the light shines in

Maybe if the light shines in on the lonely beast the despair will transform into hope. I dunno. Dark thoughts like that can be challenging for the mind. Easy to slip down the slippery slope. It's fun though to let them spill onto pages. Great way to move them out of the system. Now my mind is considering positive affirmations. I guess I enjoyed the read. It made me think about stuff...and things. 

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Thank you. I embrace the

Thank you. I embrace the darkness because it's all I know.