Brother, no! Don't shoot,

It is I, your own twin!

Do you not recognize you,

Your own flesh and blood kin?


Have we now come to this,

On this mercy-forsaken field?

North against South

Where neither will yield?


Don't you hear the sounds,

Of our countrymen dying?

The wounded, the shot,

For their mamas, they are crying!


Are you so blind by your cause,

For men to wrongfully enslave,

Other human beings, in chains,

That it puts you, to your grave?


Don't be so loyal to those masters,

Who's fight, you're undertaking.

For your a mere, dirt-poor farmer,

Of your own, hard-work, making!


Brother, please, now take heed,

Take off that Gray and wear Blue.

Fight for the North, and what's right,

It's what our own Father would do.



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