As she noticed her reflection in the mirror…she was frightened and appalled

and as she took a closer look..her tears began to fall.


She had trouble recognizing the person reflected over there

Cancer had made her thin and frail…Cancer had taken her hair.


Her husband noticed her standing there…And said, “I saw you from afar

and I just had to come and tell you how beautiful you are.”


She leaned back into his arms saying, “I’m not as beautiful I fear…

as when you fell in love with me…but, still, it’s nice to hear.”


“It’s true you’re not as beautiful.” he said…

”But that’s because you’ve found a way

in all the years I’ve known you…to be more beautiful every day.


It’s why when I look at you when we awaken…it’s easy for me to say

you are more beautiful this morning than you were yesterday.


Then he held her tightly in his arm…and whispered in her ear

words that eased her sadness…words that mollified her fears…


“In all the years I’ve known you…I’ve admired from afar

how warm and kind and wonderful…how beautiful you are…”


“Nothing can take from you what has taken you a lifetime to instill…

nothing can steal your beauty…


nothing ever will.”

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