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Friends come and go,

but lovers remain rotten in the heart,

to taint the blood with flashbacks of

what could have been; their names are

tattooed on my face: I wear these old

emotions, I am stained by their blood,

they drive nails into my eyes, the pain

is execrutiating but I accept it willingly,

Built to take it.

I was built to take it
the roaring fires
white glow below
raging flames
and billowing smoke


She came as stranger
fires I had known seemed nothing
tenderly she filled my furnace
lovingly prepped my coal tray
and brought forth an inferno,


a small flame here
a gentle blow there
from tiny twigs to large logs
my flames licked hungrily
the fuel becoming more and more

filling me up


in what seemed so small a time
I had become a beast
always hungry for more
waiting for her to refill me
she helped my consume the fuel


added coal timed perfectly
billows pumped vigorously
passions like an atomic blast
stoked into a frenzy
Never letting the heat wain


so naturally we worked
she fed my fires
ours a union of perfection
power generated for all to see
bringing heat to all near


my insides were a furnace
my grace brought forth
only the sun himself hotter
my flames rolled like liquid destruction
my ash blown into oblivion


where is she
why didnt she come back
did I hurt her
burn to hot
incenrate her in my haste
surely not


My coals or cooling
my smoke dissapates
bricks growing cold
rain water drips down the flue
like tears I cannot shed
ash slurry in my bowls


here in the dark and damp
I go over and over and over
what I could, should I have done different
it makes no difference in the end
something said cannot be unsaid
things done remain
my embers smolder to nothing


woken in the night
footsteps on the stairs
is it, can it
old embers stirring
whirling excitedly
alas no it cannot be
it will never be again


A new owner takes
plasters over the cracks
cleans out the sludge
wakes a small fire in my belly
but its not their fault
they cannot know
the fire is pittyful
it doesnt even warm the bricks
for when you have had the sun
who is happy with a far off star


A ray of sunlight peaks into my basement
a shaft of hope
the clouds return
just and like that the gloom is back
ever present in the shadows
the flames tickle my insides
a constant reminder of the inferno's past

No matter....

I was built to take it.


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