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Love's Theme

So few words produce encryption that begs this reader to ponder! I see America, referenced in "the freedom bell rings" and "shades of gold", which I understand alludes to the anthem "America the Beautiful." That said, the reader encounters "barren land," and the quandary the poet asks to "understand:" "love's fullest swing." For me it invokes the scything of the Harvest, on that land with "shades of gold," but, it suggests to this reader, a 'reversal-of-fortune' or a 'surprise ending'...Through


Strikes fear in the heart

Renders you all apart

Overwhelms all sense

It's self its recompence



I dont know very much about her,

I have never seen her truly smile,

I know to be here many bad things had to occurr,

Sadness glooming all the while,

Her heart is so very beautiful,

Her eyes are truly so kind,

Her voice is always so hopeful,

As she puts her hand in mine,

She whispers please dont hurt me,

Dont ever leave me behind,

I will love you always and forever,

If you just treat me kind,

I tell her please trust in me,

I want her to always be mine,

I dont want her to have to ever worry,

Because I will never leave her behind.

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Briar Patch

Dead inside

no revive


Sacrifice this



Drowning in the blood

of pain


No love,

no joy


Pierced on the thorns

of the briar patch 


Drunk off the hate

of existence 


Struggling to overcome

the madness 





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Can I tell you a secret she said,

A million thoughts running through my head,

You woke something inside me that I thought was dead,

I could not believe the sweet words she had just said,

If she only knew how happy we would be,

After all these years she finally saw the real me,

Ever since we first met thats all I ever wanted her to see,

She has stolen my heart and I will never be the same,

Now it seems I am losing the game,

That I never knew started,

With the one that shares her last name,

And was the reason they parted,

I should have known better and not let her see,

The true person that lives inside of me,

Because now she will always know how I feel,

And knows my love for her is really real.

My heart had never felt so happy and alive,

Now im worried it wont be able to survive,

And I may not ever get to look into her beautiful eyes,

Or hold her hand if she cries,

We might not get to laugh all night,

Or dance to our favorite song,

God im putting this into your hands alright,

I trust in you to do no wrong,

Please let my heart be the place hers belongs.







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Amereican League Journey

Escape the flame let me here to explain
wandering out through the oceanic strain,

Birds kept to flight shelter figures in the night
society is blinded don't you see...

love is in the air a truest of to be square
below each pillow a modest appeal to achieve

get down on one knee
silver & cheese

in quaint laughter to real it in
a man made out of vested tin

a newer way in which to begin,
in desert coffins made to believe

fellow pilgrim visit the land of make believe
A broad shelter sernse the quaint eskimo

Whisper A Cry Below

shelter lies dormant onto its beckoning call

cherish the moments we used to share

the willingness to show you care

Red Rose

to treasure a red rose
that was plucked a time before

Lightning & Thunder

 The Key Of G


circler through it's make believe

hoping that she would marry me


left things on my sleeve

chase back on a dream


it's roller coaster lifer we shall strive to be...


columns of G's



the real trick is the one up my sleeve

the circle will unfold within a breeze


Tiny dancer charmed romancer...

charmed while laying my head on the pillow


love was so far carried away

some moments dedicated to pray...