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(K.I.S.S.: "Kids In Satan Sound")

(K.I.S.S.:  "Kids In Satan Sound")



to begin through an offspring swing pardon me


look alive in the post we claim to hear call it dear


planted with a seed next to a twig;



Black woods behind the old house,
In front a sloping field of oats;
Above a cloud curves in soft sky
like a silver ball, centered
against the cloud, beating with
Severe, painful clarity...,

The wing of the wounded swan
Below on the old wooden balcony
A youg man with white hair
his face the enigma of time

like a portrait in an old medallion
he narrows the oblique eyes
Warmed by the ;ight Wolcott sun
hammered by the heavy light sun

Hammered vy the storms
poet who writes the hearts dialogue
behind the house the woods grow into night
And wild oats by crazed in dream...

Unknown until this time,
He has become a knowledge of the heart







She wakes me up every morning "good morning sunshine",

She's the sweetest lady that I could ever wish to find,

She goes to sleep at night and tells me "Goodnight Moon",

She fills my heart with happiness morning night and noon,

She relates everything to some special song,

She smiles at me because I do too all day long,

She kept her life secret for so many years,

She let me in her heart ignoring all her fears,

She has no way to know how I truly feel,

She can only trust that my love for her is real,

She deserves to be happy and care free,

She has never been loved by someone like me,

She will hopefully very soon know,

She's let me in her heart and will never let me go.

........Im just the boy next door

The Boy Next Door


The first time I saw her I was just the boy next door,
We were only thirteen but she was special for sure,
Over the years we became really good friends,
Even though thats not how I wanted it to end,
After High School we went our own  seperate ways,
I thought she was gone forever until one special day,
She had left her number with my mom and a message to call,
I figured it was really nothing at all,
We met at a bar that was underground,
I was amazed at the heaven I had found,
It was an incredible night we shared,
We never saw each other again and no-one cared,
Then one day thirty-five years later,
She sent me a message that said "Hi its Kellie, I was your neighbor",
Now every day we laugh and we talk,
Dreaming of the day we can share a long walk,
We are so different but almost the same,
I could spend the rest of my life listening to her say my name,
She has stolen my heart little pieces at a time,
With kindness and sweetness I thought I would never find,
When she says my name I feel out of control,
I pray that she loves me and together we can grow old,
Im still just the boy next door....

I love u

I loved you,
But you broke my heart. 
I should have known
That was your goal from the start.
You told me you loved me, 
And you seemed upset
When I didn't say it back,
You talked of the future 
And put it in my head 
And that's my biggest regret.
That you wanted me for longer, 
But you dropped me instead.
I would do anything for you, 
But you couldn't even wait.
I wanted you in my life;
I knew that on the very first
Day we met
I love you still, 
But it doesn't matter,
For the heart I gave you,
You have shattered. 
So I am left broken 
And picking up the pieces, 
While you are smiling 
And your care decreases. 
You knew I was fragile,
Even though I acted tough.
You told me not to pretend, 
That you could see past my bluff
You promised to love me
forever and always
And i believed you more
than once My heart is
breaking I have no one
else to blame but my

Atomic Punk

Atomic Punk


seek toward each feature,

minus the creature...

bowling for dollars

mask a dime a hollar,

there's a muscle in my brain

set a culture at discover

branded with culture


the oceanic waves come crushed disguise

pillars at resolution daunted said I although flame the sea

love though bargain pier

all for sequence fight to win ther atomic punk

Van Halen had written

response now hitting



wink a thought at able to sweep

through the thoughts at eager

a knock at my door lochers benchmen the door

lay a hold of each flooding

wink in caretoon of desire

Dim Love

You would never know all the times I lay on my bed

No nights rest for the dead. My soul crushed in a rush to retreat

Defeat. No time for a loss, why do you try to convince us that love is the same

I Can't show you the same as the man who before came

Am I worthy? No. Never.

Isolation getting the best of me, lonely streets light my way through the grief

Chains of sorrow latched on me waiting to be set free

Dimmering light, Why do we still fight

Can't you see my love for you burns so bright, You've gotten burned

My love just so strong, I guess I should dimmer

Though I will go out, So you won't be hurt again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

How you feel is how it is.

First and Last (loves)

Find me a place in the broken circle,

Say your not mine,i won't be broken

Cause everybody leaves, its natural

Getting used to the headaches and the

Pain in my heart.

Why write love songs?

when you know its murder,

To the rest of the nation that is lost in darkness.

We also fell in love, but with the wrong spirit.

There's no door or Window window 

when your heart is broken.

All you had was yourself, but now your wasted.

Looking in all directions, but don't know what path to take


You showed me a lifeline, but now am hanging on a thread

Never meant to lose myself when i loved you.

But i guess thats what love does, it hunts you.

Can't sleep at night,let alone rest my mind.

You can't heal from this,its just a common drug.

The cure is the person who left you, but slowly,

memories turn into the disease that destroy you.


Hope no one fallls for this thing called love

Its an experiment for some people,

and in the end they break you.


Hopeless obsession

The voice or reason

Has fallen upon my deaf ears

As the hand of fate

Pushes me towards my blind ambitions


My illusions of grandeur

Have given rise to malicious intent

To obtain what can never be mine


The allure of its beauty and power

Overwhelms my sense of sanity

And pushes me towards the abyss

Only to be consumed by my hunger to posses it


My only purpose in this twisted reality

Of my so-called life is to hold it again

In my now black heart


But I have reaped what I have sown

And ended up with a harvest

Of pain and regret


Fate has dealt me that proverbial losing hand

And now I must swallow that bitter pill

And try not to choke on my own self-pity


How foolish to have squandered its wealth

And disgraced its purity,

Only now to be left poor and ashamed

For my stupidity and greed


So now here I am

Alone and left wanting

Left with nothing more

Than a hopeless Obsession

A Candlestick

I hold my soul like a candlestick,

Without light, leading me blindly through the darkness,

I stumble and fall

While collecting scars like the medals of a general's jacket,

I ground my base at the bottom of a valley,

As I watch the fires of the world chase through the trees

Glittering the skies with ash, the darkness hides my form.

Although from such treachery, a spark finds the west winds,

Great renegade, deviant, as its angelic dance guides it to the surface.

I stand tall in the darkness, yet I am captivated by this cherry red shooting star,

As so bright to reflect the glow of my withered face.

My wick outstretched, with little thought a jewel so pure, would ever reach my setting

With luck the I find winds begin to shift, as I find your spark fall upon my crown.

I instantly find my world illuminated among the ash.

Your spark chases down my spine,

I tear in awe of the grandeur that you've brought before me

Tears, melting like wax down my face, yet your hands cradle my heart,

Collecting the tears that I've shed for you, they cling to my heart,

As the beauty I see in you, grows and builds around my heart.

For any wind nor wave could smother your flame,

And as the world may fall, our light will shine.