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Amereican League Journey

Escape the flame let me here to explain
wandering out through the oceanic strain,

Birds kept to flight shelter figures in the night
society is blinded don't you see...

love is in the air a truest of to be square
below each pillow a modest appeal to achieve

get down on one knee
silver & cheese

in quaint laughter to real it in
a man made out of vested tin

a newer way in which to begin,
in desert coffins made to believe

fellow pilgrim visit the land of make believe
A broad shelter sernse the quaint eskimo

Whisper A Cry Below

shelter lies dormant onto its beckoning call

cherish the moments we used to share

the willingness to show you care

Red Rose

to treasure a red rose
that was plucked a time before

Lightning & Thunder

 The Key Of G


circler through it's make believe

hoping that she would marry me


left things on my sleeve

chase back on a dream


it's roller coaster lifer we shall strive to be...


columns of G's



the real trick is the one up my sleeve

the circle will unfold within a breeze


Tiny dancer charmed romancer...

charmed while laying my head on the pillow


love was so far carried away

some moments dedicated to pray...

Safe From My Being

Safe From My Being


getting to the matter of fact
through an embrace with perks

beneath the shelter of her smile
shine your light on...on,

we let one shine
or to fly...

seek to love a verse will rise
safe from my being

to care for a riddle
seek vast for shelter

love to linger
explorer the horizon

let go with the flow
keep it before the ploy

a kiss for a girl & boy

Love in The First Degree

Love In the First Degree

shadows march the lunacy
travel of the good between
shoulder quest the factory
look deep into the go between
A Marshall Tucker tune;
lazy in the go between
fast a sleep another bone
suffer in silence covert to go between
lunacy, there on its hill pardoned by a white cake;
brushed yellow sequence on the elevator host remain belief
love in the first degree see he west so plainly
pardon the complete heap of shear cheese;
black in white thought of everything nice
love in the camera sought to watch its claim



You took me by surprise,

The day you said hello,

At that moment there was no way to realize,

That I would never want to let you go,

Ever since that day I have felt so alive,

I cant wait until I can look into your eyes,

And hold you by the hand,

And show you how much I love you,

And hope you understand,

That I want to always be your man,

I thank God every night,

For bringing you back into my life,

You are so funny and sweet,

I cant wait to sweep you off your feet,

And hug you with all my might,

Hopefully it will be the most beautiful night.

(K.I.S.S.: "Kids In Satan Sound")

(K.I.S.S.:  "Kids In Satan Sound")



to begin through an offspring swing pardon me


look alive in the post we claim to hear call it dear


planted with a seed next to a twig;



Black woods behind the old house,
In front a sloping field of oats;
Above a cloud curves in soft sky
like a silver ball, centered
against the cloud, beating with
Severe, painful clarity...,

The wing of the wounded swan
Below on the old wooden balcony
A youg man with white hair
his face the enigma of time

like a portrait in an old medallion
he narrows the oblique eyes
Warmed by the ;ight Wolcott sun
hammered by the heavy light sun

Hammered vy the storms
poet who writes the hearts dialogue
behind the house the woods grow into night
And wild oats by crazed in dream...

Unknown until this time,
He has become a knowledge of the heart







She wakes me up every morning "good morning sunshine",

She's the sweetest lady that I could ever wish to find,

She goes to sleep at night and tells me "Goodnight Moon",

She fills my heart with happiness morning night and noon,

She relates everything to some special song,

She smiles at me because I do too all day long,

She kept her life secret for so many years,

She let me in her heart ignoring all her fears,

She has no way to know how I truly feel,

She can only trust that my love for her is real,

She deserves to be happy and care free,

She has never been loved by someone like me,

She will hopefully very soon know,

She's let me in her heart and will never let me go.

........Im just the boy next door



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