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A Winning Kiss

Question (2019)


Torn down


And a mess


Won't you kiss

A winning kiss


I Know, I've Heard It

Awesome (2019)

I know I've heard it before

A knife can only cut flesh

I know I've heard it before

The blade of a lost mind

Cuts deep and

Right through to the soul

I know I've hear it before


Here I Am

Awesome (2019)

The distance is out of sight

Feels like nothing

Feels like nowhere

No man's land

Far from being clear

Each hill climbed

Expecting to see you

Its easy to walk 

In all directions

As the wind blows

When the map is 

A blanket page

Only because you have

Open closed eyes

Yet you climbed already

Resting with love

The apex of my soul

The apex of my heart

A Candlestick

I hold my soul like a candlestick,

Without light, leading me blindly through the darkness,

I stumble and fall

While collecting scars like the medals of a general's jacket,

I ground my base at the bottom of a valley,

As I watch the fires of the world chase through the trees

Glittering the skies with ash, the darkness hides my form.

Although from such treachery, a spark finds the west winds,

Great renegade, deviant, as its angelic dance guides it to the surface.

I stand tall in the darkness, yet I am captivated by this cherry red shooting star,

As so bright to reflect the glow of my withered face.

My wick outstretched, with little thought a jewel so pure, would ever reach my setting

With luck the I find winds begin to shift, as I find your spark fall upon my crown.

I instantly find my world illuminated among the ash.

Your spark chases down my spine,

I tear in awe of the grandeur that you've brought before me

Tears, melting like wax down my face, yet your hands cradle my heart,

Collecting the tears that I've shed for you, they cling to my heart,

As the beauty I see in you, grows and builds around my heart.

For any wind nor wave could smother your flame,

And as the world may fall, our light will shine.



Darkened Masquerade


seperate me as if one of Santas elf

sharpened as if an arrow on ted Nugent's sling

pierce twice as if the dessert below the darkened masquerade

exit stage left on a health care scam

through universal eyes,


Trees hung low in the prison of its deep hidden please lost your keys

shining Heart with the song Baricuda trying to get through to you

climb the ladder to success I must clearly express

those forever eyes


when I look into your eyes it is then I see forever


(C) Mario William Vitale


Genius Machine

Control (2018)

I have a mold on my mind

Merky, gloomy and so unpleasant

I have a mis-print in my mind

Not so much, like the fabric of time

Still the genuis machine

Couldn't be fine

Without much mistakes


Control (2018)

1000 words without repeat

So many ways to thank

So many ways to be greatful

1000 words in 120 seconds

Thought deep enough

Thought with much plenty

Humble pies

A 1000 words

Mindful Dream

Control (2018)

It was told 

Then it was written

It was close

Then it went away

The mind rang

Then the joy fell away

Turned to a silence

Maybe, it was a dream

Maybe, I just woke

Its the waking

Making all the sense

The sleeping brings pain

The coma had us all

Poetry Catastrophe

Carry On (2018)

The days may come

The days may not

When every word we pen

Is censored just by


As the chip tracks

Down our thoughts and

All our emotions

Won't be free to

Voice out

Voice or voiceless

You will be thought

What it means to 


The light of the

True GOD

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Pen with me.