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  Flying around makes you wonder does he love me like i love him does he know he is my world? No, 

Because he is too busy

Loving that Wendy

Its just this jealousy 

That makes it an urgency 

Thy betray the one i love?

Peter cant hear because of my 


You come to me when need of something?

But why dont you go to wendy?

No wonder he does not think of 

Me because he does not know 

That i love him 

You are my wonderland

In this neverland 

With you with me i am glad

But you with her makes me 


But peter i saved you 

A lot of times 

But why do you still save Wendy all the time?

Isn't that rude for breaking

My heart? 

All the time ive been

Spending it with you

You couldn't even say i love you

Saving you from captain hook

I think captain knows that i love you

I am tinker bell and tinker is always here for peter but peter is not there for tinker but peter sadly chose wendy over her


Author's Notes/Comments: 

@kim rojas

"dont ever be afraid to admit someone that you love them

tell em before its too late"


Band Lyrics

Verse 1:
Forget everything, I hope we can.

Falling like a shooting star.

Where do we go when the light’s not changing?

Tell me if I can feel with my old heart again.

In my changed heart, I still carry the old feelings of our love.

In your mind, we’ve already just ended.

To our friends: we were perfect for each other.

On my face, you can see it clearly

That I want to use up everything I have

To repair our broken past.

Tell me, if you feel the same as me.

Our ships are anchored to each other.

Somewhere, somehow, I’ll find my way back to us.


Verse 2:

We have chemistry and history but

Tell me: what do you really feel about us?

Tell me if we’re better off as friends

Or just forbidden lovers in this world.

Tell me everything you are.

Tell me all the stories you have for now.

I can just tell that you’ve struggled in this cold world.


Can someone show me how to run away?

You have all of me yet

I’m left with nothing of you.

If there is any way:

Know that I’ll always love you.

Know that I’ll always be there for you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About a love that you cannot just forget....

Hollywood Whore

Hollywood Whore

brief nugget
you just will shove
we are late to tumble over
crack a new dial terrific

you here the billboards scream
kiss of death with who we trust
ladder to success
faint of heart by whom dismiss

the solid truth
Hollywood charm
living on the edge
going to my head

sitting up at night all alone in bed
following the rainbow to the sky
I see a vision of you pass me by
a word to the wise

inside we collide
collect the viral squeeze
dirty wine with cheese
barricade folks set through the age

Hide Me

hide me

inside twilight be

choose in between

through the barren sea

get a couple of Martini's help you on your way

lead us cheer to them as you have become the blend


cherish the moment

colored in a horizon think

try to even blink in soaring peak,

soaring onto better plains

dig ever bigger promoting the 


the wolf impressionistic turn

water to brew hid behind its clue

use me...


Sara beneath the fragrance to hold

your a rich girl

your a bitch girl

sorrow in disguise


choose to believe

down the street

link arms...

a promise to lead



learning the breeze stay clear from the foam
living your life some where all alone
break peace from the bread you used to know
lone in decision pressed clear by my own'

in the distance trees those legend of spring solstace bread
whet is going on in my head
all colors of grey, peach and cream
the solstace of what is beiing seen

mockery the space torn odyssy
a brigade of the most triumphant be

No Other Love

Question (2019)

Falling and you rise

Collapsing and you raise

Dwindling and you remain rooted

Dropping and there you ilft

Dipping and there you tower


No other love

No other love

No other love



Sinking and there I stay afloat

Collapsing ane sliding through time

Splashing a mist of the sunken


No other love

No other love

No other love











You Belong

Awesome (2019)

Arms aren't enough

A kiss means nothing

What you say means nothing

Without the spark in

Your eyes from you


You belong


You belong


A Prayer & A Hymn

Awesome (2019)

A prayer is clear

The world says 

You can't be reached

But look you've reached us


So, its clear

Through prayer

We don't have to attempt

No need to try 

When you believe


Prayers are real

The world of flesh

Says you can't recieve

What you hopeful of

When you ask


Through prayer

We become one

Christ, Jesus

Leads the road

No need to struggle

When you believe


His mighty...

His might...

His mighty...


Call To You (Have Me As Your Seat)

Awesome (2019)

I have had to run

I didn't know where to

I was running away

From you Saviour

Giver of Salvation

Jesus Christ


(Call to you) Today take a look

(Call to you) Have me as you seat


I have had to jump

I didn't know the depths

Still you took me 

Like a sail blown into 

The winds

Heading towards the direction

Of light


Have me

Have me as you seat

Call to you

Call to you