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I Hate Good People, I love Bad People

Calamity (2018)

I hate good people

Because they hate too

I hate good people

Because they hide themselves

I hate good people

They think they know 

All to well

I hate good people

They make up the

Best traitors


I love bad people

They don't hide

Their intentions

I love bad people

They make you feel

Like life must move on

I love bad people

They are  just their

True selves

I love bad people

They say whatever it

Is we are afraid

To accept

What it is we

Are afraid to hear

The Great Resolve

Calamity (2018)

Trust is a story

Maybe a fairytale

There is only ever

One side in the end

Would it hurt if

Instead of praying for

Your nest to rest

Maybe a prayer for

Your agony

Would be the greatest


There Is A Fire

Calamity (2018)

Started out a spark

Now, a black hole

Is my epicentre

There is no need

For an explosion

For damage to take


There are far worse

Things devastating

It is clearly said

Where there is smoke

There is a fire

But where there is

No ambition

There is light

Hurt is hurt

In goodness and in

Hard times

Hurt is hurt

Kited Notes

Written notes

Folded up like kites

Thrown high up

Into the sky

Don't matter if they end

Up In the gutters

Edged on each note

The clear signature of pain

Read as:

"Those liberated victimize

Those who are entrenched

And those entrenched

Trample on those

With empty hands".

Living The Hidden Way

Blood on the wall

Some stains are old

Painting a mosaic of 

Another sad year

Hiding behind all the pretty


It is something so unexpected

There is no justification 

In what I have to say

Take in some moments

Try picture

The relief as the blade

Cuts deep like an orgasm

Sex sells

The only think we all desire

As much

Don't lie to yourself

You take what you mind wants

And leave what you won't have

The negative days

The negative periods

See the hidden face

Living the hidden way

Placed somewhere 

On the face of this planet


Just The Start

So, what if the world does care, about me

So, what if the world doesn't care, about me

It doesn't care about you either

Even, kin can stab you

Front to back

In broad daylight

I wouldn't expect an ounce of mercy

Not even a mustard seed 

Jesus felt it, he had too

Because he deserved too

So, we can feel we deserve it too

In spirit we may be superior

But in flesh we inferior

So, what if we got a conscious

Its not enough to stop

Another trigger happy finger

Countless ways to die

This world is an infinite prison

Its just the start

A juvenile precinct

Leading much to death rows return

Look at the Christians

Thinking they better

Look at the Muslims

Thinking they better

Look at us the

Now, then and new non believer's

Thinking we better

Look at the rest

Thinking they better

So, what if we the little ones

The universe has a spot of stain

Cause all alone

We the only ones filled with devils





Broken Bones

Broken bones from broken


Limping much like a


Stare into my eyes

So your bones can


And mend mine before

I make my way


Mark Your Forehead

Somebody has to lead

Somebody has to destroy

Somebody has it In them to love

Somebody has it in them to hate

Maybe its time to shove it

Bring on the chip

Understand the skin is

The right place to

Implant it

Mark your forehead

With what ever you want

Somebody has to died

Somebody has to live

Somebody has it in them to care

Somebody has it in them to curse


You are no match for me

You are not even a match for yourself

Time is wasted 

I should stare the other way

It will become worth it there