Tinkerbell Blues


  Flying around makes you wonder does he love me like i love him does he know he is my world? No, 

Because he is too busy

Loving that Wendy

Its just this jealousy 

That makes it an urgency 

Thy betray the one i love?

Peter cant hear because of my 


You come to me when need of something?

But why dont you go to wendy?

No wonder he does not think of 

Me because he does not know 

That i love him 

You are my wonderland

In this neverland 

With you with me i am glad

But you with her makes me 


But peter i saved you 

A lot of times 

But why do you still save Wendy all the time?

Isn't that rude for breaking

My heart? 

All the time ive been

Spending it with you

You couldn't even say i love you

Saving you from captain hook

I think captain knows that i love you

I am tinker bell and tinker is always here for peter but peter is not there for tinker but peter sadly chose wendy over her


Author's Notes/Comments: 

@kim rojas

"dont ever be afraid to admit someone that you love them

tell em before its too late"

Tinkerbell Blues

Just a thought!

Heart wrenching hues of Tinkerbell Blues,

The vein changing dye of distension...

Thoughts in our brain, drive us insane,

Restricted blood flow, squeezing up tension.

Our eyes turning red as the lines on our head,

Surface, like a spider vein road map...

Beginning to feel, like an out of round wheel,

We over medicate, taking turns in a death trap.

The only solice we keep is in sparce, fractured sleep,

Then awakened with a nightmare or cough...

With some soundness of mind, we'll write a new line...

Then it's......"See ya when the medication wear off!"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"Tinkerbell Blues"