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Strong words

But no punch

A weak will

But no praise

Get me 

O, nah

Guess not

Got strong will

Tattooed on my little wrist

But just scratched a line

Right through

Now, all there is left

Is to be heartless

Cause the heartful

Get pinned down daily

And get crushed

O, no

Get me

Who Is To Say

Who is to say

You wrong 

Guess who prays more 

Guess the less the 

Mess can't be returned

Gets worse

Gets bigger

So why can't I zap you

Say fuck you

They got me going


Who is to say

I Ain't Mad At You

I pray you burn in loneliness

I pray you burn 

With the flames of curses

Can't believe in you

Can't believe how you

Rage has made you

If money is everything

I would be damn

Cause its just the way it is

I ain't mad at you

Its just the way of life

So full of pain

Cause hate pays

One side has to lose

Feel the burden with

Heads down

I ain't mad at you

A Stab of History

There is no history

Without injury

The body must break

And the heart must

Fall to pieces

The point is

It has to be 

This way...

The Real World

Demons know the difference 

Of light from darkness

The dark from the light

Angels dream for light

Than dream in light

The silly world from

The real world

My Chivalry

Satish Verma

What happened? I would 
ask the realness 
of genocidal face. 

The blue cock 
was numb in the laser thin 

The face was mirror. You 
can apply a salve by implanting a womb 
in the barren dream. 

Beheading a thought 
was not sufficient to kill the theme. 
It will come back with revenge. 

OCD. I come back again and again to 
look at the portrait 
of a failed god.

The Genius

Satish Verma

Water has the wisdom, 
the bones may not agree. 

No commentary today. There was no 
eternal friend or enemy. 
Listen to your breath, your heart. 
No qualms. Hands are not mine. 

Charcoal. A voiceless man 
wants to write, something on the snow. 
The cold-eyed moon will watch. 

The chimney's soot, gets buried 
under the white sheet, ice. 

In holy land. You have come to 
pray, to wipe out the nose-bleed.

Mind Tuner

Every Word (2018)

The fairy whistles the

Tune of your favorite


Reminding you to think


The troll plants weeds

Inside your head so

You can doubt yourself

The weeds eat the

Tunes calming effect and

Belief you grow inside

To grow themselvss

The world of your

Mind you only can


Nobody Ever Said

Every Word (2018)

Nobody said fall

So why do you fall

When they

Blame you

Curse you

Trick you

Steal and

Point straight at you!