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Seven Wonders Or Seven Ponders

The world has seven wonders

But there is not enough time left

For the heart has seven ponders

And times of troubles

The Matter

What comes first?

What matters to others

Or what matters to you.

A New Start

When two wide open

Eyes close

Then its time to reflect

And seek new beginnings


This goes out to the people

Who turned the other way

And became real strangers...


How you doing?

Last I heard you holding up

A lot happens

Amazing how in a flash

An instance turns into years

We went from shoulder to shoulder

And now life has taken place

Now, no longer a warm shoulder

Turned cold

Just a ghost of memories past

Funny how people change

I am no exception but

A lot has changed

Its all become dull

Almost forgot the image

And cover on your face

I got a few pictures

I got your picture

And kept the contacts

Now both a waste

All in storage

Its time for a block, burn and delete






The mind slowly replacing you

With new memories

New folks and new lessons

The days when reunions came with wisdom

All gone and forgotten

I've kept you "til now

Its time I went away

We promised to stay

Now its time for a new start

A new birth elsewhere

Maybe its me

Who turned and looked the other way

Maybe its me

Who went away but

Kind of figured

It would happen someday

You where my closest

When you cried and feared

We cried and feared together

When we hoped and believed

We hoped and believed together

I get the picture

Life is ready to take it away

But people promise that they will be in your life

Yeah, I see you'll

A lot has changed

Maybe I don't have a lot to say

So, all I am left to say

Is who are you?







No End To This Bitterness

Crushed by your kiss

Crushed by your will

Falling for the bitter taste of darkness

It has become so sweet

There is no end to this bitterness

The Crown of Hate

I hate your warmth

I hate your cause

I hate your value

I hate your mission

And I hate your vision


There can only ever be one warmth in human form

The warmth lays within me

Beating to raise my chest

There can only ever be one cause

They take and all we've done is stare

Its time to take than give

Anyway, every men, women and child for themselves never spread anew

They say, we value you, only to undress you until you are finished

There is no mission to share a little inner peace

The real chaos is on the outside

The eyes are to weary from all the tears


I hate your warmth

I hate your cause

I hate your value

I hate your mission

And I hate your vision


There is no warmth

There is no cause

There is no one left to value

There is no mission

Nor, is there any sight

I hate you

At Any Cost

Tell a person your dreams

Theirs turn into nightmares

Nobody loves to see a success of you

They only see a success of themselves

Who said a friend is a friend

A friend comes with a stab

Straight from the knife

The greed is the creed

Advance at any cost

So try tell me your dreams

My eyes are set right

I only see where I want to be

Now, everything is clear

Words Turn Into Ashes

The role models are the devils

And the real heroes are trash

When they speak people kill

And when a hero chants they fail

In the movies everything is possible

Lost in empty fantasies

When in reality only God can be trusted

You can promise me everything

And die before as your words turn into ashes