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The First Kiss

The first kiss I remember well
As well as our first embrace
I remember how it made my head swell
And made my fluttering heart race!

I remember the twinkle in your eye
Your heavenly glow lit up the sky
Your tender lips were ever so soft
They sent me drifting ever aloft

Rather than floating on cloud nine
Your kiss sent me to heaven divine
I was literally lifted off my feet
By your passionate kiss ever so sweet

I swear that I seen stars after that kiss
My mind clouded by a heavenly mist
There is no doubt what that kiss did for me
It left me suspended in shear ecstasy

It is hard to believe that so much passion
Could be in such a simple action
When you’re gone your presence I miss
So I think of the first kiss

By: Wayne Hoss

My beautiful four legged companion and friend.

Ruby by name and as precious as the stone
With her in my life I'm never alone
My ruby isn't a stone she is my rock
Undivided love I just cant knock
My Ruby isn't red although she does shine
My precious treasure that is all mine
She's the definition of a beautiful kind
Strong and gentle intelligent mind
She makes me complete my four legged love
I truly believe sent to me from above
She saved me as I saved her
A sad existence I helped her deter
we were both lost and our outlooks were similar
Both missing something  that was familiar
She existed with no hope unhappy nor enjoyment days mundane
It’s a wonder how she did ever remain sane
Her daily life  was miserable and bleak
All she did was endlessly sleep
Day by day just made to cope
And lost ignored and had abandoned all hope
She came into my life at the right time
The one vital piece was missing from my being
From being passed to and fro she needed freeing
I gave her a new lease of  life as did she for me
being mine helped my soul mend plenty
Her days are now not just to keep surviving
they are the way a dogs should be deriving
I think we were both saved simultaneously
Happy days from turmoil she's finally free
Routine and lots of attention, walks different everyday
I don't think I spoil her, she deserves  it  some way
even rules are banned and certain words will not be said
Like be punished to get out and then banished to her bed
Upon awakening in the morning every single day
Im greeted  by happiness and  puppy like play

Yes you can come up on my bed and the couch
She will take up all the space on me she will slouch!!
And after food is finished she has to lick the plates!!
Brought to me by a kind twist of fate
Only on a few occasions she has been misbehaved
Mess everywhere with toys from games that she’s played
Dreams when she's asleep terrorises flocks of sheep,
Destroys new toys in seconds especially ones that  squeak
All of which I wouldn't change its part of who she is
She does know how to give her paw and  on command a kiss
She has a look that seems as if she's looking to your soul
I dread to see the day she will eventually get old
She snores extremely loud and barks at every sound
Eats any scrap of food to ever hit the ground
Cocks her leg when she wees
Picks on every dogs she sees
Ignores what I have told her: doesnt come back when she's been called
On occasion fighting some dogs she could have easily been mauled
But rarely she is naughty thankfully she's good as gold
When she was made she they definitely broke the proverbial mould
Shes secure and safe in the knowing
Always a walk she’ll be set to going
She can speak so much just with on look
She is the best thing for myself Ive ever took.
She is so precious I do love her so
It will be my heart that breaks when its her time to go
The only solitary being I love in this life
Any loneliness she felt  has now been  put right
Companions for life we are now
To live life without her I wouldn't know how.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is dedicated to my dog Ruby.

Loyal friend.

Your loyal and trustworthy; a true special kind Beautiful soul in spirit & mind

You are a person whom I can depend Thank you for being such a good friend

Thank you for being supportive & not giving up

 You were persistent to pull me out of that rut

 Your caring, sharing and so much like me…..

With the same points of view and personality

 Being so concerned when I was so wrong

Im sorry I was unresponsive for so long

I cant face anyone when I’m enduring emotional hell

express what is wrong you dealt me well

No one has ever been there for me the way that you have

We’ve connected, sure now to have always have a laugh

I’m grateful for your persistence to ensure I was well

So Supportive you were caught me when I fell

Every person calls associates ‘friends’. They’re not…

………..When its a network of associates we’ve got

 True friends only appear a few times during life

Strength being offered in times of trouble & strife

We have so much in common that makes me smile

Our friendship makes days of time now worth while



Dreams Come True

Dreams Come True

Through ups and Downs...And Highs and Lows.

This "Love" we share, we've always known.

Your "Love" for Me...Is Ever True.

I Trust "No One", as much as You!

But even though, we never knew.

How Life would be.  Our Love it grew.

You made a wish on shooting stars.

For "True Loves"  Mate....To share your Heart!

And even though, we've Lost and Gained.

We've had "No Fear"...For choices made.

And even when we felt apart.

This "Love" we share will never part.

For I made just "One Wish"  you see.

And it came true...."Your Love" for ME!

To Dare, to Dream, all Hope anew.

To Make a Life...Of Dreams Come True!

Written & Composed By: Denise Hall-Campbell

FEBRUARY 7TH, 2014 - TDCJ - B8

PROVERBS 31:10  Who can find a Noble Wife? She is worth more than Rubies. 

Her husband says, "Many women do noble things. But you are better than all the others. "  Charm can fool you.  Beauty Fades.  Respect and praise your wife.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this thinking of hope and happiness that my partner brought me when I prayed for someone to love and be loved by in a loving, trusting, and equally giving relationship.

True Love



To love someone...Beyond mere words.

They're always on your Mind.

To CHERISH  them so completely...

The thought seems so sublime. 

But LOVE..is BLIND, and DEAF, and DUMB,

NEVER seeing any WRONGS.

It sings to us all through our veins.

Just like a gentle song.

Their walk, their eyes, that passion that rises.

By just a spoken word....

It touches us so intimately. 

Just like a Velvet Glove.

A Loving Caress.........That gives no rest.

Can Torture Given Time.


Where PASSIONS and FLAMES burn high!

"TRUE LOVE" shows up....at our darkest hours.

And saves our lives at times.

Finds beauty in the World around.

Two hearts and souls combined.


Making the dreams we share come Alive!



Written and Composed By: Denise Hall


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for all true love soul mates.  

Three of us

Sadness here , troubles there , 

When will she come , and be more than a friend ?

l watch her , with every move she makes , 

l’ll do things , to watch her grace.


How l wish he’d knew , that he is great , 

In my eyes , there’s nothing to hate , 

l praise him , calling him names , 

In hopes , that he’ll play my games.


l know that he , has a heart for her , 

But what holds him back , afraid of a stir ? 

l know for a fact , they think l’m a dear , 

But do they know , that my evil is always near ?


l’ll be nice to him , maybe he’d leave , 

So l may get a chance , to replace her grieve , 

Will it be possible , for me to breathe , 

Knowing that l’m but a three ?


l have more things to think , rather than them , 

Having said , my brain is cramped , 

l am not in which , that of what you think , 

For what is unseen , changes me at a blink.


If only you’d knew , what l’m going through , 

You’d leave me alone , and follow your grove , 

If only you’d knew , that l do not love you , 

You’d find others , and find a new.


If only you’d knew , what l knew , 

You’d be yourself , and not a crew , 

If only you’d knew , that l’m but aloof , 

You’d see that , he is there waiting for proof.


If only you’d knew , that l am not into her , 

You’d be in joy , and a cat , you’d purr , 

If only you’d knew , l favored a guy , 

You’d treat me , just like a passer by.


The love lost perceptions 
Of a silhouetted figurine
A single rose his sign of affection
Scarred is the man who takes stand and does not lean
The heart of a angel that, he fought hard to keep
The blessings may not be
But when they come, they will be his to reap

The love of angel, to carry you on
Strength unknown, but hard fought when alone
The beauty of the sirens calling him
Soft silvery tones of a bonded voice
The love that blinds you 
Without a choice

I'll fight hard, for every yard 
Fight forever, to be by your side
Take my strength and all my love
It’s what keeps me, when you start push and shove
It’s the friendship that fits, like a perfect glove

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Many moons ago, a man loved something so strongly.