Loyal friend.

Your loyal and trustworthy; a true special kind Beautiful soul in spirit & mind

You are a person whom I can depend Thank you for being such a good friend

Thank you for being supportive & not giving up

 You were persistent to pull me out of that rut

 Your caring, sharing and so much like me…..

With the same points of view and personality

 Being so concerned when I was so wrong

Im sorry I was unresponsive for so long

I cant face anyone when I’m enduring emotional hell

express what is wrong you dealt me well

No one has ever been there for me the way that you have

We’ve connected, sure now to have always have a laugh

I’m grateful for your persistence to ensure I was well

So Supportive you were caught me when I fell

Every person calls associates ‘friends’. They’re not…

………..When its a network of associates we’ve got

 True friends only appear a few times during life

Strength being offered in times of trouble & strife

We have so much in common that makes me smile

Our friendship makes days of time now worth while