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Table 344

The Love


I witnessed love at table 344, 

Woman of passion, made eye contact with a smile.

Laughter and catlike manner, 

She licks her lips with delight.

His inquisitive indecision is her key in the ignition

For a fixin' of feelings

You’d be blind not to see her fire.

He’s relaxed, calculated, watches her flames dance left to right.

Beautiful bright, miss right, the only one to shelter his light.

Dinner for two, 


Just right.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written the other day at my job while this lovely couple was enjoying their meal. When I performed the inital greet, she caught my attention and it was extremely noticable. Her confidence was shining and she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever met to be completely honest. She was with a man, I believe someone very dear to her. This guy, when he would talk to her, she would laugh with her whole body. Nothing about their interactions appeared superficial. Everything was so raw and authentic. His eyes never left her. She radiated. It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. True love is gorgeous.

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The Scent of Him

Wake up with my face buried in his chest.

He his still asleep, but I do not mind.

I just slip out, after a second of just being held.

What to do while he is asleep,

that is the question on my mind.

Reminisce on old times,

how we met,

our first date alone,

our first house together,

our wedding day.

We lived really bad lives till we met each other.

He told me a story of how soulmates came to be

on this earth with such high expectations forced onto all by society.

We were both a bit broken,

feeling as if something was missing.

His story mentioned that one person was cut in 2 parts to make soulmates.

when we met, I knew he was what was missing in my life.

He was my everything then,

and still is now after years and years of being together.

I love him more than I ever dreamed possible.

I never knew I could love one as much as I do with him,

nor that I could love something so much that is so silly,

like waking up to the scent of him.

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True Love



To love someone...Beyond mere words.

They're always on your Mind.

To CHERISH  them so completely...

The thought seems so sublime. 

But LOVE..is BLIND, and DEAF, and DUMB,

NEVER seeing any WRONGS.

It sings to us all through our veins.

Just like a gentle song.

Their walk, their eyes, that passion that rises.

By just a spoken word....

It touches us so intimately. 

Just like a Velvet Glove.

A Loving Caress.........That gives no rest.

Can Torture Given Time.


Where PASSIONS and FLAMES burn high!

"TRUE LOVE" shows up....at our darkest hours.

And saves our lives at times.

Finds beauty in the World around.

Two hearts and souls combined.


Making the dreams we share come Alive!



Written and Composed By: Denise Hall


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for all true love soul mates.  

Joey's Poem




You came so quickly into my life


Sweeping me right off my feet it seems


It wasn't the words that you first said


It was the way they flowed out of your head


Out of those sweet lips


So gently out of your mouth


An even flow


Pure Honesty


Straight from your heart




Now I'm needing your arms every night


To hold me very tight


And your chest to rest my head


With your soul, my love ..I want to be fed




Waiting here patiently... I shall try my best


Until the day comes


For us to feel really blessed




To look into your eyes of blue


To touch your face so gentle and true


To kiss those sweet lips


To feel you with my fingertips


And to see your great big ole' smile




To hear you say you are staying


And you are staying for A long while




Yes my dear, I shall be here


Waiting for you, waiting for your call


Wanting to draw you near




To hold you tight


To call you “Love of My Life”


Whispering together late in the dark of night


Two voices and bodies embracing in the moonlight


And loving you with all my might












Untangled love.

Live on through the worlds weight,

strong as thick roots of love,

don't have any reason to worry,

all I ever wanted was him and I got him.


I been wishin' pawn a star and it landed,

bright and firey with shades of beauty,

waiting apon that star to come home,

snuck up on me and scared me to tears.


Holding him so tight of fear to never let him go,

had him for 6 years and nothing to be afraid of,

he'll stay because that beautiful star loves me back,

never worried I'll be left lonely again, ever.


Love you Sweetie. <3 Shining brighter than ever with me by your side. <3

Council-Tucky Romance

In the heart
Of this po-dunk town
It's amazing
This love we've found
Our love is like
A merry go round
Together forever
And destiny bound

Brandy Noelle Souza
March 7, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my husband

time away

The softer side

"Time away makes the heart grow fonder" but too much time away makes the heart ache and mind wonder. You can agree or disagree with my stance but I believe she should experience, little daily gestures of love and romance. If "tomorrow isn't guarenteed", shouldn't you make the most of today? Challenge yourself to make her smile a new way, everyday. Falling asleep while holding her close, says, for better or worse, she's the one you chose. A simply morning kiss, says without words I appreciate you and all that you do. I don't believe time away makes the heart grow fonder, it just gives the mind time to wonder

Strong Man

All about you

To meet a man

Would you know him

A strong man 

What could you show him

A real man

The one who wants to please you in ways other than just the physical

The one who will wait for you

Debate for you

That strong man

Not worried about your body

He wants to know your mind

No he yearns for it

He lives for you

Sent from God is a true man

The man you would never have noticed

The quite man

No he doesn't boast

So he is the man to which you owe GOD himself a toast.

Lie down

I haven't forget that woman when I asked her to lie down on my bed with a believe fully trust to be with me

She laid down and I showed her a notion from the look in her eyes that my story of love will be different from Romeo and Juliet and others ones in the history of lovers

She is lying down on my bed and she closed her shiny eyes so we both feel the greatness night without any one to bother us

With her I shared a kiss from her soft lips so she would feel those precious moments that we both are trying to enjoy

I started enjoying every moves that we do and I have decided not complain about my wounded of my past by enjoying and warming of being in between your breasts

Lie down and try listening to the beats of my heart who kept beating for the love that we built it so it won't falls a parts

Lie down and pass me over your hand in my hand and we'll stand stronger with our lovely faith of being together