The love lost perceptions 
Of a silhouetted figurine
A single rose his sign of affection
Scarred is the man who takes stand and does not lean
The heart of a angel that, he fought hard to keep
The blessings may not be
But when they come, they will be his to reap

The love of angel, to carry you on
Strength unknown, but hard fought when alone
The beauty of the sirens calling him
Soft silvery tones of a bonded voice
The love that blinds you 
Without a choice

I'll fight hard, for every yard 
Fight forever, to be by your side
Take my strength and all my love
It’s what keeps me, when you start push and shove
It’s the friendship that fits, like a perfect glove

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Many moons ago, a man loved something so strongly.

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I remember feeling so

I remember feeling so strongly loved by a man, whom felt like the perfect fit. Our spirit's still are connected deeply and I don't think it's possible that I will ever stop loving him. I enjoyed reading your poem. Gonna check out more of your work. :)

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