Three of us

Sadness here , troubles there , 

When will she come , and be more than a friend ?

l watch her , with every move she makes , 

l’ll do things , to watch her grace.


How l wish he’d knew , that he is great , 

In my eyes , there’s nothing to hate , 

l praise him , calling him names , 

In hopes , that he’ll play my games.


l know that he , has a heart for her , 

But what holds him back , afraid of a stir ? 

l know for a fact , they think l’m a dear , 

But do they know , that my evil is always near ?


l’ll be nice to him , maybe he’d leave , 

So l may get a chance , to replace her grieve , 

Will it be possible , for me to breathe , 

Knowing that l’m but a three ?


l have more things to think , rather than them , 

Having said , my brain is cramped , 

l am not in which , that of what you think , 

For what is unseen , changes me at a blink.


If only you’d knew , what l’m going through , 

You’d leave me alone , and follow your grove , 

If only you’d knew , that l do not love you , 

You’d find others , and find a new.


If only you’d knew , what l knew , 

You’d be yourself , and not a crew , 

If only you’d knew , that l’m but aloof , 

You’d see that , he is there waiting for proof.


If only you’d knew , that l am not into her , 

You’d be in joy , and a cat , you’d purr , 

If only you’d knew , l favored a guy , 

You’d treat me , just like a passer by.