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If Part 2

Verse 1:

Whenever we're together,

I can feel the love in the air.

Have I gone too far?

Have I changed that line

Between a friendship and relationship?

'Cause nothing's like before.

You left me hanging by a thread.



Without a care in the world,

You left me without saying goodbye.

Guess there is no forever for us.

No promises made

To last for eternity.

Now, I move on.


Verse 2:

If only you'd realize

What I realized 

About us,

Things wouldn't have

ended the way they did.

I know you know it too.



If you and me,

If there's a possibility

Of becoming one with you,

Let me into your nooks.

But you said that

We'd fall in love.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

About someone playing "mind games" with you and leading you on, to be honest.


Verse 1:

Every breath you take,

I watch you slip

Further away from me.

Our love is like poison.


We were too young to realize

We were in love

From the beginning

Now, I know that

You are my only one


'Cause I'd marry you

In a heartbeat.

And when the time comes,

I'll be by your side

Through it all.



Our love is like poison.

Not knowing its toxicity

UNtil we were in love.

Take me on tonight

'Cause you're my poison.


Without hesitation,

I'd choose you

Over and over again.

I won't care about afterwards

As long as we're together

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It references Alex Kaneko's "Poison". Poison is a figure of speech used in this song to allow the love to slowly permeate and settle into you until you do realize it was love after all.

Here With Me

Verse 1:
Remnants of you

Are still here with me.

Fragile yet dear,

I've come to let you go.


These memories resurface

From time to time.

But if it's really over,

Tell me so.


Verse 2:
Hung up over you,

You are still

Here with me

But we are not

Getting back together.


Hate me all you want,

Place the blame on someone else now

But it was not meant to be.

Our love is a broken record

That replays our memories. 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

About the end of a long-term yet loving relatoinship over long distance that didn't work out in the end.


Verse 1:

Babe, tell me wher you go on un-lonely nights.

Show me your hiding place: our safe haven.

Is it safer in your arms or our safe haven?

'Cause our love is there dangling in the air.



If our love is a rememdy from the world,

Why must it be a secret?


Verse 2:

Just say we're together, babe.

'Cause I love you, I truly do

Two sahdows entwined,

Crossing paths, but they don't make a sound.


Speak now or forever keep our love a secret.

A secret from the world (from the world).

This sacred love, where will it go?

'Cause the view from heaven is truly amazing.



Tell me your secrets, I'll tell you mine's.

Secret, sacred love: from the heart, mind, soul, and spirit.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this song about my friend's older brother that likes me romantically. This is shown from his perspective since he got insanely jealous when he found out about all the guy friends that I have, know me, etc. I suck at romance/relationships so I'm not sure what to do or how to proceed since our relationship is complicated. I see him as an older brother figure/friend and don't think I am capable of loving him yet.

Missing You Part 2

Verse 1:

With each day that passes,

I can't help missing you.

Now that I'm no longer your's,

I feel dissonant.



Come away with me.

If I already knew that

You were mine to keep,

I wouldn't have wasted time.


Verse 2:

Would you take me into your arms?

'Cause our hugs are our safe haven.

Our talks resonate in the dark.

Tell me, do you feel the same?


Missing you is my biggest mistake.

'Cause babe, our love is like poison.

Only the moments we've shared

Could ever replace my broken heart.


Trace of you are still here with me.

My heart shatters into pieces and breaks apart

Fagile yet dear, I'll have to let you go now.

'Cause loving you from a far was my sin.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This song is dedicated to my first love. We were together for seven years. Long story short: I found out he cheated and we broke up. From time to time, I still think about him and miss him but what we had is in the past.


Verse 1:

No matter how much time has passed,

I still am in love with you.

My feelings for you never faded.

It only grew more daily.



Take my heart away.

'Cause you've melted my soul and spirit.

Let your spirit soar.

'Cause you're my true love, babe.


Verse 2:

 Wherever we both went,

It was so natural for

The both of us

To be together.



 Is it all a waste of time

Is there anything I can do

To make you change your mind

'Cause we're better together.



Just take your time.

Take a chance on us

Until you take me on,

I won't let this love go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

English translated lyric from "Turtle" by Davichi that inspired this song: "I can't protect your anymore or love you anymore. It's my heartbreaking story"

Lost Light Part 2

Verse 1:

Here am I alone, once again

Did you think that I'll sit down

And let you push me around?

I'll say, I've finally had enough.



Out of the darkness,

Into the light.

In the lost light,

I found myself.


Verse 2:

Now, standing here face to face,

With you, I revert back to a turtle.

Cause I have a lot of scars,

That's why I hide alone every day.



'Cause I can't protect you anymore or

'Cause I can't love you anymore,

It's my story:

I still love you.



Years pass by.

Without a sound,

Without a noise,

I still love you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Songs that inspired me to write the song:
1) "Turtle" - Davichi

2) "I Love You" - Joanna Wang

3) "Tell Me I'm Wrong" - The Morning Of 

Your's to Keep

Verse 1:

Anywhere, whereever you will go,

I'm never far behind

'Cause I'll run home today

To find you.


Byt here I am now,

Admiring the view

I hope you think of me.

Never ever, cut me loose.


Verse 2:

But I'm scared of 

Mixing up the truth

When the best I've got

Is a falling domino.



 A little push caused

A chain reaction.

I never thought that

You'd be my distraction.



'Cause you're my poison, babe

Things couldn't have ended

The way they did.

If only you had believed in us


Verse 3: 

If only you'd believe in  our love,

I can't bear to walk

Further away from this love.

Our shelter from the rain

Were the leaves of a tree.

We sought refuge in.

Come on, babe.

Make a move.

Take a chance on us.

'Cause tonight, I'm eternally your's to keep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Songs that inspired me to write this song:
1) "Mine to Keep" - Alex Kaneko

2) "Domino" - Drew Ryan Scott

3) "Love in the Ice (Japanese Version)" - Tohoshinki/Dong Bang Shin Ki 

4) "Secret" - Jay Chou


Verse 1: I know that

             This may be crude or rude

             But I'm scared of mixing up

             The truth with you.


Chorus: To be with each other

            Run home so that

            I can see what I left behind

            I know what I turned down those times.


Verse 2: But you said "run away"

             To find each other

             Never look back

             Never look at the past.


Bridge: Then you said:

            In a while,

            Will be our fulfillment

            Fulfillment of our prayer


Last-Chorus: If I knew then what I'd known now

                   I'd have found my way back to you.

                   But, since then, I haven't looked back

                   Since I've found you,

                   Everything has changed.

                   Now, I believe in something

                   Once more again.


Verse 3: Love found me here

             Until you take me on.

             Babe, I'll take a bullet for you.

             But since you found me,

             Everything has changed.

             I believe in love

             Once more again.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

Songs that inspired me to write this song:
1) "Kahit Pa (Even If)" - Hale

2) "Run Home" - Alex Kaneko

3) "Way Out" - Quietdrive