Verse 1:

No matter how much time has passed,

I still am in love with you.

My feelings for you never faded.

It only grew more daily.



Take my heart away.

'Cause you've melted my soul and spirit.

Let your spirit soar.

'Cause you're my true love, babe.


Verse 2:

 Wherever we both went,

It was so natural for

The both of us

To be together.



 Is it all a waste of time

Is there anything I can do

To make you change your mind

'Cause we're better together.



Just take your time.

Take a chance on us

Until you take me on,

I won't let this love go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

English translated lyric from "Turtle" by Davichi that inspired this song: "I can't protect your anymore or love you anymore. It's my heartbreaking story"