Verse 1:

Every breath you take,

I watch you slip

Further away from me.

Our love is like poison.


We were too young to realize

We were in love

From the beginning

Now, I know that

You are my only one


'Cause I'd marry you

In a heartbeat.

And when the time comes,

I'll be by your side

Through it all.



Our love is like poison.

Not knowing its toxicity

UNtil we were in love.

Take me on tonight

'Cause you're my poison.


Without hesitation,

I'd choose you

Over and over again.

I won't care about afterwards

As long as we're together

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It references Alex Kaneko's "Poison". Poison is a figure of speech used in this song to allow the love to slowly permeate and settle into you until you do realize it was love after all.