Broken Home

1998 - 2010

Green Grass roof on badge brown bricks

Spit shinned floors and music in the air

A patriotic spirit you can't help but inhale...


I smell weed around the corner

I smell a black down the hall

And I smell a dead rat

Walkin my way

So many lies told today

Can't help but feel betrayed

And I can't understand

Why I love this place

There's a camera in every corner

And smoke alarms above the sinks

They must not work

Cause there's ashes on the floor

Your friends stab you in the back

But they're there when you need a hand

The school is always cold

But the air keeps you warm

And there's always a hug

Knockin on your door

Clap-Clap there he goes

OH GOD I miss him so

His new girl (she's so naive)

I hope she'll be alright

I know she'll be just fine

And Clap-Clap there she goes

I thought we told her so

This damaged hell hole

Where I left my soul

The day they bring in the dogs

That's when the lights go out

Half the school goes away

And most don't come back

This feeling everyday

I'm know I'm never safe

I hate the memories

I hate the atmosphere

This damaged  hell hole

I miss my home

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 2/27/04

Dedicated to the most jacked up school on the planet...but I love it anyway

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Samantha Johnson's picture

I really liked this poem. It's very real but also shows how you can still love something that seems so bad to other people. I kinda feel the same way about my HS... good work.