Child Prodigy?


You all seem to expect some kind of

Child genius out of me.

13, in the 8th grade. Only because

I was born in September.

You still question if you made the right choice.

Because I drown in this overwhelming

Social clique wave, of kids who

have known each other since pre school.

And there are those dumber than me. I

will say that. But

I feel so inferior to most.

Because there are those like

the girl I want to be.

The perfect girl is

in my class. And whatever

I want, she gets.

So am I a child prodigy? I

Can't even do a damn thing right.

You don't look at the good

grades that I get. You seem to

Only care about the F in Math from Midterm, not

the A+'s in History and Computer.

You care only about my lack of scientific

Understanding. My inability to understand that

Freshmen course that is manditory

For eighth graders.

I feel so stupid, so dumb, so moronic...

So tell me, am I the child prodigy you want me to be?

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Written for my mom, since I can't be perfect.

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