Drum Song Model Poem

Listen.  Tree

         Your roots stretch

         Through the ground

         While birds nest in your leaves

         And woodpecers hit your


Listen.  Ocean

         The waves crash over shore

         The kids scream and shout

         People hunt and take your shells

         Seagulls take your


Listen.  Snowflake

         The wind wishes you by

         As your on your journey

         From the sky

         People try to eat you,

         But you make it safely on the


Listen.  Fire

         The crackling of the burn

         The roar of the flame

         The marshmallows you heat

         On a cold winter night

         People glare at your blaze

         They stare with amazement

         As you burn the


Author's Notes/Comments: 

8th grade portfolio. Some poem we read in class had this style in its writing. We had to copy it and make our own words. Guess this is what I chose.

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This is a very good poem by a young poet and you show a lot of talent and good choice with this one! I liked the way you expressed your thoughts - well done!