Longest Day of My Life

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Won’t this day ever end?

Just wanna go home

Talk with friends

But this day just keeps draggin’ on.

Tryin’ to keep myself awake.


It’s the longest day of my life.

Just waitin’ to go home

No more tests and no more crap

Wanna throw it out the window

Won’t this day ever end?

I just wanna go home and get with friends.

Draggin through math

The clock ticking at my back

Wanna speed up time

Get outta this class

Why are we learning this crap?

What about science,

I don’t care.

I’d do anything

To get this class outta my hair.

Molecules and atoms are too small to see

So why do they keep freaking bothering me?


And even English is all jumbled

All the teacher ever does is mumble

Grammar, spelling, all that jazz

Know it all already,

Get me outta this class!

Even if I like it,

It lasts far too long

Throw down the book

Burst out in song

Maybe just maybe

It’ll keep me awake!


And there goes the bell

I head out with the swell

Gonna go home tonight

Hang out with friends till midnight

Then it’s home again to go to sleep

It’s gonna be like this all week

This is the longest day of my life.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written as a song, it shows how bored I was in math that period when I wrote it.

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