Sounds of Heritage

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I walk through the halls of Heritage High School everyday.

I discover people talking and having interesting conversations.

I listen to six different teachers, teach six different subjects in six different ways.

I observe couples walking down the halls holding hands and wish I was one of them.

I discover some couples standing in the hallways hugging or kissing between classes.

There are people walking slowly just to get on peoples nerves.

There are cliques walking down the halls telling inside jokes.

I hear the same annoying bell everyday to dismiss us from classes.

I hear teachers yell at students for swearing in the halls.

I watch the students get tired of school after one whole week.

I observe and watch things as I sit in the student center at lunch.

I see sports teams all sitting together and talking about the last big game.

I see the quiet girl who can’t find anyone to sit with so she just sits alone.

I watch the cliques walk by and laugh together as if they were all telling jokes.

People sitting alone, people sitting with friends, and others still who eat with strangers.

I hear commotion from students because of the fight over chairs.

I hear students complaining because there’s not enough food.

I watch the kind lunch ladies pick up after lazy students.

I listen to the students talk about their homework and teachers.

And listening to the students and facility talk about the rest of the day.  

As I observe these things I ponder at thoughts of high school students:

When you’re in high school it seems like your life is useless,

But when you think about it, it’s just a stepping stone in your life.

High school seems useless to most teenagers until they graduate.

Even some students think these thoughts after they complete high school.

When thinking about giving up, just think of your main goal.

Whether you want to be a plumber, a bus driver, an electrician, or dentist,

You will use what you learn in high school in whatever you do.

I give you a challenge to do yet today, if you have time:

Go to a high school and listen, observe, and hear the students,

Hear what they have to say and then think about your high school career.

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