A Row Rowed to Row

Beach was having a long row of people, so,
Some people sat in the row.
Since, it was a fourth day in a row, they stood.
Who knows how long a long 'Queue' exists!

Boatman was still rowing the boat.
Men were urgently waiting to row towards coast.
Some were eagerly waiting for a row on the sea.
Who knows he 'Propels' in the boat!

Boys now started rowing with each other.
It created a rowdy 'Quarrel' further.
Boatman reached, left his oars, stopped the row,
and rowed all people keeping an end to that eternal row.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

'Row' has 3 different meanings and 2 different pronounciations.

Row- said as row means 'horizontal queue or line',
Row- said as row also menas 'crossing, move a boat',
Row- said as rou means 'fight'.

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