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Verse 1:

Set sail your worries

Into the open sea.

Say goodbye to all the pain

And suffering you’ve endured.

You are not alone.

For, God has your back.



This is not a goodbye.

I’ll watch you guys from above.

Don’t be saddened by my passing.

Say that I did well.

I tried my best

To keep it together.

But everything and everyone

Has failed me.

Farewell, my loved ones

Until the day we next meet.


Verse 2:

Hold on to what you believe.

I’ll always be there

In your memories.

Though, it’s late

To say: “Don’t let me go”



I live in your memories.

Though, I know it’s too late.

If only I could have done something,

Things would not have ended this way.

Now, you’re gone.

Rest in peace.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Rest in Peace SHINee's Kim Jonghyun. You will be missed and did well. This is a song based on the news that I learned of the Korean pop star's death that triggered my own experiences with mental health that many refused to believe. 

I miss you

Now you're gone,
Will you come back for me?
Now you're gone,
But I'm glad you're now free.

The day you left,
I couldn't stop the tears.
The day you left,
I remembered all those years.

Still to this day,
I remember all the good memories we shared,
Still to this day,
It certainly seemed like you cared.

I miss you ♥

It certainly seemed like you cared,
For me, Mum and Dad,
It certainly seemed like you cared,
Especially when we felt sad.

You stuck by my side,
Kept me company through good times and bad,
You stuck by my side,
Even when we felt sad.

There's not a day that goes past,
That I don't think of you,
There's not a day that goes past,
That I don't feel sorrow over you.

You bounced around,
Like you were still young,
I remember when we would blow in your face,
And you would stick out your tounge.

I miss you puppy ♥

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem and dedicated it to my puppy Mollie, who always seemed so happy with life. R.I.P beautiful ♥ 22/11/2002 - 14/10/11 ♥

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Tragic Fight

Sad Love Poems

It just takes one lie to start a fight // it just takes one fight to end the night // & it just takes one night to end months of magic // magic that suddenly turned tragic // the end of us is a tragedy // but the lies was just a painful comedy // & its funny becuz i neva wanted you to leave // but you just ran circles around me // trapping me in my own thoughts of misery // emo words in the back of my mind // but always felt like everything was gonna be fine // becuz ina way i felt like you was trying // but ina way i felt like i was dieing // so R.I.P to that love we created // & i hope that one day its resurrected


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