Fire of the mind.

I sit here with a fire in my mind dampened by the sight of my eyes. The realization of the utter desperation of the times.

I strain under the stress a constant pest trying to undermine me at my best.

I wish I could have a chance to rest but what if this is some final test?

I continue fighting, writing and striding towards that goal, that seems so distant.

I picture it as magnificent, a job, a stable life, with a little less strife.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I took a long break from writing this is my first poem since being back at it.

JUST WONDERING(Rhyming Couplets)


~Just Wondering~
(Rhyming Couplets)

You left me a long time ago in such an intolerable suspense
And to me nothing made any sense
Trying to find the broken pieces of my heart again
Only took its toll, and this augmented more my pain.

Everyday I wonder why some many bad things have to happen
Going through so much sorrow just deepen
So many of my emotions and opened more my wounds
Healing comes gradually sometimes just by writing with my pen.

You went somewhere, you just left me and I have to let you go too,
Why did you leave me like this, after all that we’ve gone through?
You tossed away everything that we have had for so very long,
I hope that you know by now that what you did was cruel and wrong.

Sitting here today I can’t help but to wonder most of the time about you
Recalling all the wonderful times we had, when your love was true, to me.

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000


BROKEN DREAMS (Alliteration/Rhyming Couplets)


~Broken Dreams~
(Alliteration/Rhyming Couplets)

Sharp light falls angrily,
baleful summer entombs bleakly,
As concrete vessel sighs completely,
and vibrant life crashes hypocritically

Uniform dreams craves caressingly,
tribal battle-axe stoops suggestively,
As vestigal coma crashes dazzlingly,
and a broken light languishes sleeplessly

Broken dreams shrieks caressingly,
gray coma nags uncomfortably;
As deliberate creationism dies expectantly,
and soundless enticement capitulates finally

As a drunken light sheds thinly
and broken dreams sighs sullenly!

Dorian Petersen Potter
aka ladydp2000



Rest in one breath,

 unforeseen by the myth that exists

farther then the eye can list

Twist thoughts underneath your abyss

the prison expansion colorfully dressed

disguised from the eyes is the true poison inside

Carefully placed to encase your mind

It has eyes and sees

it thinks and breathes

knowing how to fill your needs

in a spiteful way it lies and deceives

Telling you its true happiness

giving you false hope

that life will get better just continue to smoke

Take another drink

pop another pill

enjoy life make it a thrill

what it doesn't tell you is that addiction is what follows

Dependence on substances that completely swallow

your soul body and mind

its designed to thrive and destroy everything held dear deep  inside

Unfortunately for this prison the walls that have risen blocking out the sunshine and bringing derision

A man has risen who has forgiven man of this decision to follow the world and deny his vision

With one last breathe addictions chains left until we as man wrapped them up again....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some life experiences helped me write this. Feedback would be appreciated. please

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