Yidhra The Witch


Yidhra The Witch 


Yidhra she came,

When I was insane.

Witch of the Old Ones,

Knowing the powers beyond.


She came for me

So the Old Ones can be free.

Preparing me

As a vessel for Thee.


The Druids tried to conceal me

In cloaks of pure red silk

But Yidhra could see through

And she did find me.


Only to bring one message:

The Old Ones will return...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about the Cthulhu Mythos Goddess Yidhra (a dream I had).

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I am Alpha

I am the first of my kind, generation one, the creation after creation; designed by the program, born for the purpose of keeping order within the system, within the establishment. I exist to erase threats to the order; to hunt down the lone elements that seek to upset the balance between the powers; the cyber cells that operate on the outer edge of the planetary system. I am the threat to the threat, the protector of the order; the assassin.

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Super powers

Theme Based Poems

Can't help but to feel like a superhero // & every time I'm with u I feel like der is no evil // cuz even wen i have them doubts i believe with outa outa doubt // our love will never never fail & always always will prevail // yea pure hearted superman but this heart that u dnt understand // human touch wen I get mad but this thing inside dnt like u sad // hulk tendencies with all the dependencies // captain American pride yea ur heart is my flag // i'll be dat master chief & i will never never lag // lol and I will always fight da night & clear up every every site till all u see is master light // till da break of dawn & till da open night // cuz baby I will always be & remain ur dark knight // cuz I spun u a web & got u caught in my thread // & sewed u to my heart without no bloodshed // & I ain't crazy I'm jus dat cyborg // call me beast boy cuz I be a mean dog // I'm on my track Ina flash u can't keep dis pace // u cross my path if u dare but I'll cross ur face // red X I'm dat mystery // am I robin no I'm robin I'm raven dat jus claimed this tree // I stole ur heart but theirs no heart police // but da haters wanna always wanna disagree // thinkin dat they're set her free // but little do they no dat I'm da only niqqa with her key // so I jus look down on dem & watch dem villains flee // thinking dat they funny dey wanna laugh like they above me // day say muhahahaha but to dem I jus say booyah cuz I kno I got her heart yea & She kno dat I won't lose her // cuz to her I ain't no other // jus her fantastic mr lover // this love dat I uncovered helped me find & rediscovered // da only meaning in dis life that made me fly to perfect height // yea she shy but dats alrite cuz her love dat I hold tight // I'm her superhero man & she my superhero wife ~


Author's Notes/Comments: 

superhero theme

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