I am Alpha

I am the first of my kind, generation one, the creation after creation; designed by the program, born for the purpose of keeping order within the system, within the establishment. I exist to erase threats to the order; to hunt down the lone elements that seek to upset the balance between the powers; the cyber cells that operate on the outer edge of the planetary system. I am the threat to the threat, the protector of the order; the assassin.

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Nox Sacram

Twilights know our name
so speak soft our fame.
they know my shadows sight
of crisp shade and blessed flight.
under star-light shine
to darkness I confide;
for at dawn's first light
we close our sight.

Now stalk the night
and keep to flight.
To preform our rites
and cast our mistress' sight
by bitter blade
and the blood left to fade.

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