My Savior

He was both not there

And my savior

All in one

Because when he WAS around

He protected me

I was his daddy's girl

I was the most abused

He did what he could to help

Usually by doing dishes


Mother would get pissed

How dare a parent help

Their child

Their blood

Let them flounder 

Let them fail

So I can win at one more thing

And hold it over their head


He helped

But only so much so

Too timid to really fight

Too quiet to speak up

She ruled over us all

She was  the queen

If she wanted something 

You fetched it


And I did everything

To take care of our homes

The many apartments

We called "homes"

As soon as I was old enough

To hold a sponge

I was doing dishes 

Once I was old enough to cook

I made dinner every night


If not 

You faced her wrath

The anger that would spew

From her nostrils

Her eyes glowing red 

And a quick flick

Of her tongue

And the beatings

She would give


Once he passed

It was free for all

Into early adulthood

The abuse continued

I was conditioned

When I left

It trickled to my brother

She continued to abuse her child,

But now it wasn't me

And my father wasn't there 

To save him

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written: 3/12/2018

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Crowded Plot

I don't feel at ease here,

Or at peace.

There are no fond memories -

Just an empty spot,

In a crowded plot -

No room for your soul to breathe.

Oh, what a distant memory -

A little girl at the foot of her papa,

The pitter patter of tiny feet -

Ready to jump,

Into the arms - 


Time has since faded -

That little girl is no longer.

A woman when you passed,

Yet a child still at heart.

Memories left -

Scattered -

And I'm left to wonder,

If you feel forgotten,

In this overgrown plot -

With pieces of you missing -


As is your sanctity.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written on 8/27/2014, in remembrance of my father. I sat at his head stone, where not ask of his ashes lay. And I felt as if he were suffocated. 

the men i love

because he has a crooked tooth

because he is tall and built

because he's short and frumpy

because he's bald

because he's a great fiance

because he's understanding

because he's kind

because he laughs with me

because he cries with me

because he empties the trash for me

because he leaves his dirty dishes in the sink

because he's comfortable when he's with me

because he listens

because he is resilient

because he is cunning

because he is so ugly in the morning and

it makes me feel prettier, and he doesn't even 


 because he farts and blames it on me

because he bails me out when i'm down in the dumps

because he has a dimple on one cheek only

because he has nice cheeks***   ;-)

because he smells good

because he has body odor

because he's smart

because he failed the driver's test 4 times in a week

because he dropped out of highschool

because he kissed my forehead when i needed it kissed

because he kissed my ass when i was being a bitch

because he outsmarts people 

because he's a great fiance

because he's the best dad

because he's the best brother in the world

because he is the best friend i ever had

because he's obese

because he's not perfect

because he's perfectly himself

because he works hard

because he tries hard

because he never gives up 

because he loves my cooking

because his hands fit perfectly on my waist

because he eats like a pig

because he snores

because he leaves the toilet seat down

because he hurt my feelings

because he loves me

because i love loving him

because he is a man




3:05 AM 7/6/2013





Author's Notes/Comments: 

men are always writing women the most beautiful poems of love... just listing all the reasons men are lovable...good bad and in between!

story of a man- story of a father

a man who lives 

in the throp since he exist 

studying at noon

couldn't think of moon


home wasn't massy

but a family lived there naturally

at the age of twenty

he belonged to delhi

where started doing

everything he could


after some time

met some one of his life time

as the indian culture say

they made a bond of life time


 one, two, three

they became so happy

but still waiting for one baby

as he always believe in god

went to temple,

pray and pray

and he won, maybe again


like every parent, he wanted the same

a normal life for his child

a future of his own name

he struggled, never said no

gave everything whatever asked for

and still giving his treasures

clean drop from the shore


here he is, non stop

he is still working

but in stress with love 

giving his best, strength to us

shining proudly...



Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is story of my papa how he sruggled in his life and what he done for his family. He is great papa :)


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Mi Jefito's Ojos

I watch you mi jefito
I watch as the sparkle fades
from once passion filled eyes...


I glance as your step slows
as you gasp for breath
and you stop to rest...


Fire and passion
once filled your eyes
your steps...


Strong proud Mexican man
you lived hard
you played harder...


I watch you mi jefito
I see your mood soften
the fire and passion not gone...


Pain and straining to breath
stiffness and age
taking their toll...


Your mind not as sharp
your step not as quick
your voice not as strong...


I watch you mi jefito
burning your withered face
into my memory...


What pain and honor
sorrow and joy
this time together...


Jefito y eja
Father and daughter
I watch you mi jefito...


Your eyes growing dimmer
that sparkle slowly fading
and I want to bow my head and cry...


You taught me a valuable lesson
"give flowers to the living"
I am your flower mi jefito...


Each day I bloom for you
every evening I bow for you
and every dawn I weep for you...


Mi jefito's ojos
brown and proud
filled with passion and fire...


I watch you mi jefito
mi jefito's ojos
looking far off...


Turning every so surely
towards the dance of death
the lovers ice cold grip...


I see you mi jefito
I will never forgot
mi jefito's ojos...


Copyrights 4/2011-2016 Chicahuacnecahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written for my father, (mi jefito) Jesus J. Gonzalez a strong and proud Mexican man. {Rest In Power}

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