Nuclear War

America and the "N word, do we have enough blockbuster video copies of our favorite movies?





seems like everyday I hear the slogan, war could break out ant any moment


then something trite trivial, heresay, he said she said, and then the "n" word


nuclear war could break out at any minute, then we could be forced to totally and completely destroy this country, then "we have a new missile that can strike fatally and deeply farther and farther more deeply into the mainland of the US than you previously believed..and that we will soon face our "final destruction, then, some she said, he said, then senators, congressman, news anchors, Hollywood moguls all being accused of sexual forays against the will of women, far reaching in their implications, groping, inappropriate kissing, grabbing, then, we are closer to nuclear war than we have been in 45 years..boy, that is quite a grabbag of mish mash, one minute we're picking up our mittens, the next minute trodding through radioactive Hollywood destroying America? or is some country going to destroy Hollywood? I'm mean, REALLY destroy Hollywood, and Los angeles, if they are talking about hitting the American west coast, would that not automatically mean Los Angeles? I mean, they could hit seattle I suppose, or Portland I guess, but not nearly as iconic as Los angeles, what would America do without all of those movies? All those great skits, those musical ditties we all love and cherish. Still more"N" word than we should be used to, instead of the unthinkable, its the inevitable..nuclear, nuclear, nuclear nuclear..when the US navy was in the black sea, the Baltics,the Russians let off a submarine lauched missile, with 10 independently targeted nuclear missiles, one missile 10 citites, we did not detect it until it was too late..same with North Korea, we never detect it until its off the ground and heading somewhere. we are truly a dichotomy, nuclear war and sexual scandal..reminds me of JFK and Marilyn Monroe..the cold war, Brezhnev and Nixon...Boris Yeltsin and Ronald Reagan all over again but much more nuclear open-ness. Much much looser with the "N" word..much much looser with the sexually inappropriate forays-dangerous really really dangerous language and behaviors


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As midnight approaches

As midnight approaches

By jfarrell


All my life prophesies are becoming….

Or so they shout;

The end is nigh, day of judgement,

Day of reckoning.


When USA dropped their bombs on Japan;

That was the real…. you heard the toll, too, didn’t you?

The toll.

Midnight had struck.


Cuba, Bay of Pigs, started the clock all over again;

You’d think they’d have learned….

The rest of the world got drunk, had lots of sex

Got rich, or got poorer, and forgot about everything important.


And that’s a big part of why we are where we are today;

The world might blow up tomorrow;

Me, myself and I, is all that matters..

For tomorrow we may die.


It’s never been the bombs that have scared me;

It’s always the people who might push the button;

North Korea might, coz they really think Trump won’t;

Trump might, coz he don’t like anyone thinking he won’t.




Author's Notes/Comments: 

if more world leaders were women - would we still be in this mess, under this threat?

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The power change is upon us,
Thee afflicted are now the tormentors,
The executioner is down the hall,
Arm up and prepare for the endevour,


The infrastructure contained,

Dwellings turn into ash,
Blinded by hate,
Vaporized from the blast,


Stained by the light,

Consumed by the black,
Forests  become deserts,
Deserts become glass,


Sunshine will be swallowed,
As night fills the void,
Farewell my dear friend,
Slowing sanity destroyed,


Money has no value,
 Unable to mend,
The spirit of life snuffed,
The chase comes to an end,


Foundations now crumble,
Water becomes fire,
Question your existence,
And lose all your desires,


Empty hands of politics,
Never again will set our goals,
Any Gods that you still hold,
Will never save our souls,


Memories are all we have,
Cities turned into space,
Desolate minds go blank,
The faithful question their faith,


For in the end, the end will be,

Silenced forever more,
Never again will we be free,
Just flies in a jar of complexity.


This shouldnt be the way,
Death comes slow,

From the air we breathe,
Enjoy your final day....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Originally written as a (Metal) song.

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The End

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Open for interpt. as always...

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