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As midnight approaches

As midnight approaches

By jfarrell


All my life prophesies are becoming….

Or so they shout;

The end is nigh, day of judgement,

Day of reckoning.


When USA dropped their bombs on Japan;

That was the real…. you heard the toll, too, didn’t you?

The toll.

Midnight had struck.


Cuba, Bay of Pigs, started the clock all over again;

You’d think they’d have learned….

The rest of the world got drunk, had lots of sex

Got rich, or got poorer, and forgot about everything important.


And that’s a big part of why we are where we are today;

The world might blow up tomorrow;

Me, myself and I, is all that matters..

For tomorrow we may die.


It’s never been the bombs that have scared me;

It’s always the people who might push the button;

North Korea might, coz they really think Trump won’t;

Trump might, coz he don’t like anyone thinking he won’t.




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if more world leaders were women - would we still be in this mess, under this threat?

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A Change is a Coming

A Change is a Coming


(inspired by a Bob Dylan masterpiece)


Can you feel it in the air?

A subtle change in temperature;

A noticeable change in the wind;

An electrical charge in the atmosphere;

Change is a coming.


North Korean nuclear tension;

An Arab spring, turned to ISIS slaughter;

Right wing groups, vocal, and on the rise;

Young people stabbing each other to death;

A change is a coming.


The West feasts until it vomits, to feast again,

While the rest of the world starves;

The West closes its borders,

Abandoning the world;

Change is coming.


Change is coming;

But, is it the change we need?

It’s not a change I like the look of;

The world does need a change,

But a change for the better,

For all.


Change is a coming.


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