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You Cut The Line

You Cut The Line

I guess that I held you to tight

You slipped away

I wanted to be with you all night

Be with you all day

  • You are the one that said it was time

    You cut the line

  • I whispered to you loving words

    You said it was too much

    What I said you never heard

    I lost your love touch

  • You are the one that said it was time

    You cut the line

  • I guess that’s the way it is in time

    For one love fades away

    One is sadly left far behind

    While one does stay

  • You are the one that said it was time

    You cut the line

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    Time Has Come

    Time Has Come

    I think the time has come for one of us

    To say just good-bye

    Tick tick tick

    I think it is time for one of us

    To start to cry

    Sniff sniff sniff

    When you love on a precipice

    Someone is bound to fall


    We ran so hard and fast

    We were bound to hit a wall

    Splat splat splat

    When love is finally over

    What is there left to do

    Cry cry cry

    When it is finally over

    Not because of me or you

    Him him him

    It is time to part our ways

    Like rain from the sky

    Drop drop drop

    I think the time has come for one of us

    To say just good-bye

    Bye bye bye

    Author's Notes/Comments: 

    This is an experimental piece I wrote.

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    Begennings and Endings

    In the beginning when it starts
    We never want to part
    We laugh and compare all day
    How we mutually feel this way
    You say how much you love my spontaneity
    You tell me not to hide encourage me to be
    You take my deepest fears and tell me not to run
    You cuddle me at night cuz im your honey bun
    You make me feel your arms are my safe place in this world
    I never once doubt that im such a lucky girl
    They years pass on and on till it finally comes that day
    We realize we’ve grown apart and head off in separate ways
    The worst part my dear… is that you were my only plan
    I wrapped my hopes and dreams in the essence of a man
    Now im sitting here wondering where the years have gone
    Pouring my glass of wine replaying old romantic songs
    The days now in the past
    Where I thought this love would last
    I don’t even know if we can now be friends
    But as we know if theres a beginning theres an end …..hold up!!!
    Im tired of feeling sad so depressed and down
    Im sick of the lines formed of my face from this frown
    I fucked it up just as much as you I now know that’s a fact
    Fuck it im done with relationships ill live a happy life with my cats
    They always love me they always care they always fix my mood
    And all that they require is some water and top quality food
    I beg dear Buddha let me come back as something less inclined
    It would be nice to come back happy in the body of a feline
    I have no more to say im done with this
    Goodbye peace out ill no longer exist!

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    If You Only Knew...

    If You Only Knew…

    Your hopes and dreams are shared….
    If you only knew…
    My support and understanding is endless, I genuinely care….
    If you only knew…
    How incredibly simple this could be….
    If you only knew…
    I accept you, your
    life and your need to be free….
    If you only knew…
    I’m really not perfect, not even close….
    If you only knew…
    I make mistakes, but growth comes from those….
    If you only knew…
    The rate of my heart beat when you’re near…
    If you only knew…
    The count of my tears when you’re not here….

    If you only knew…
    How much our
    love has continually grown….
    If you only knew…
    How sorry I am for my actions, so needlessly shown….

    If you only knew…
    You are the only man I think about….

    If you only knew…
    I love you with all my heart, there is no doubt…
    If you only knew…
    There is only one you…

    Written by: Gereen April Salkowski©
    Written for: Martin C.
    Date written: June 10, 2010


    Author's Notes/Comments: 

    I chased him away and sabatoged the relationship. Big mistake this time... If he only knew. <3

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    moving on

    Her feelings are so dry

    When she think of me

    She never cry

    She walks pass me

    Like im a ghost

    And no one knows why!

    Author's Notes/Comments: 

    some breaak ups are left un explained..........................

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