These Paths and Lanes


These paths and lanes I've walked along

So many times before.

They've barely changed throughout the years;

Still steeped in days of yore.

Old memories cry out to me,

With tales of family lore.

The cottage where my parents lived

Lies empty, looking sad.

I smile as I recall once more

The happy times we had.

But that was oh so long ago,

When I was just a lad.

St Martin's church, with steeple tall,

Stands proudly on the hill.

My uncle Joe once rang those bells,

And they are ringing still.

Old Joe's long gone  he's buried there,

Along with auntie Jill.

The farmland, stretching out for miles,

Has hardly changed at all.

The cattle grazing in the fields

Are just as I recall.

Same trees  the ones I used to climb 

Still stand there, by the wall.

I turn, then walk back to my car

Parked down beside the green.

I think about the friends I had,

Now gone, or never seen.

A one-hour drive and I'll be home.

She'll ask, "Where have you been?"

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2017


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Road Musician

He's an aging road musician,
Still playing his guitar;
His fingers gnarled and stiffened.
Too late to be a star.

He's restless and he's rootless;
He'll never settle down.
The road goes on forever,
From town to dreary town.

He sleeps in cheap motel rooms,
And eats his meals alone.
It's been that way for years now,
And time has simply flown.

He's had his share of romance,
But that's all in the past.
He rarely thinks about it;
Love wasn't meant to last.

He doesn't write new songs now;
He sticks with what he's got.
Resigned to where fate led him —
Accepting of his lot.

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2020

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Birdsong hit the morning air

As sunrise kissed the sky.

Lingering stars reduced their glare

And softly said goodbye.

Wispy clouds turned red and gold,

While trees stretched out and yawned.

Rabbits scampered by the fold;

Another day had dawned.

Another day in which to toil,

Or dream, or make ends meet.

The farmer on his own good soil;

The beggar in the street.

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2015

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Life Keeps Trying to Knock Me Down

Life keeps trying to knock me down,

With problems thrown my way.

It makes me wear a fitful frown,

As blue skies turn to grey.

I've taken knocks all through the years,

But still I battle on.

Pleasures often plagued with fears

Are what I feed upon.

Tarnished dreams still have their place

In this imperfect world.

A smile can still caress my face

When triumph is unfurled.

Two steps forward, one step back,

Is how it often goes.

I compensate for what I lack

By keeping on my toes!

Life keeps trying to knock me down,

And sometimes it succeeds.

But I can take and break that frown

By tempering my needs!

Copyright © Robert Haigh 2017


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Tell Me, Tell Me

Satish Verma

Under the cosmic
dust, an elite existence
wants to close the waterhole.

Hostility was increasing
between the same species.

But evil and good would
always co-sleep.

O Buddha
I will make the tree
walk and come to you
where you used to sit under.

And ask some stingy
questions. Why you want non―
violence when violence
would always exist?

And the light
hesitates to shine in pitch dark?
And the words remain quiet?

Why it was so impossible?

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And death shall
not walk in the street,
on the shoulders
of dead dreams.

It was not a
mythical slip, when visuals
had no mirrors, no ink.
When I go into rage
flames will rise from the sea.

You will not count
the burning rings. History
repeats the rule of blood.
Skin alters the frontiers.

The insane love
demands your toes, so
you would not walk away
from the periphery of blue hills.

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The Half Story of Us


Humans who tripped over each other on different days, deliberately with

A little chaos, are just tangled enough now, calling

Names as you walk in the door

Knowing, more now that you have put it in words, this is the one thing we’re all sure about. This is solid ground.


Another day brings another mountain but

Living and not living here, she is still ours, and more

Love comes from harder hours.

You see how pieces collide and make this better whole because I don’t want a story that hasn’t seen some shit.


Not enough just to talk, she travels

In between states before I can blink. Teaches us that ties are

Not just based on the memories, but based on the now.

All your enemies are our enemies.


Caught in our own

Hurricanes, it somehow gets easier to keep one foot on the ground when we come together. We are

Ready to go anywhere if you ask- he is driving and the stars are

Infinity, infinity and together a bigger slice of the world is ours. There is no

Shame in wanting to live more because they are living. That’s what I keep telling myself as


My heart is racing and I can barely hear

All the noise and quiet we make, the sounds that make me want to say

Yes, decide to trust whatever this is.

Almost like it is not a decision but a step that will lead to more.


Her eyes blazing, she launches into

Another monologue on something that matters- us, the patriarchy, the world.

Not needing to add, I listen. Sometimes I wish I could speak like that,

Nothing but fire and care, just a mind and a voice, leave the consequences behind. But for me this is the best way to say it, even if I can’t quite capture

All the things we say and don’t say. The night ends with us

Hanging on words we hope to remember tomorrow.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 7/22/20

The Skies Have Never Been Greyer

The skies have never been greyer.

I don’t heal from mental scars overnight.

Neither do you.

I overthink small problems and I wither when I make mistakes.

So do you.

It made me smile that we have our own inner demons.

It gave me the realization that I would not be alone.


When two broken hearts get together,

I often dream that they are matches made in heaven.

Because we understand where we’ve been

And why these circumstances made us the way we are.

But in every relationship, it is the furthest thing from paradise.

It won’t be the last time that we’d be walking on thin ice.


You are a sweetheart to me and I won’t forget the way you changed my life.

You’ve inspired me to meet icons whose wealth exceeds my wildest dreams.

You’ve helped me see that they’re human beings just like you and me.

You’ve given me pieces of you to keep me on my feet and explore uncharted territory in Wonderland.

You’ve compelled me to think that you wouldn’t ask for much as long as I said,

“I love you. My life wouldn’t be the same without you.” every night.

You constantly worry you lose me and that nothing in life goes right for you.

I keep trying to do my own thing while battling the sergeants that disagree with my decisions.

Don’t let our fickle position be added to my list of never-ending burdens.


Sometimes I stay the best of friends with people I was fond of before.

I’m never the “love them and leave them” type as long as I’m still on good terms with them

And remind myself that the past is in the past and no one is taking me anywhere.

Not that anyone could anyway as long as I make a living trying to tell nectarines and peaches apart.

Tonight when I talked about it with you, the way I opened up to you was like stepping in a land mine.

I don’t want to keep secrets from you so you wouldn’t fear I’d leave you to drown in a vale of tears.

But I’ll lock them up and throw away the key if I’m put on the spot like this.

Then I wouldn’t let you touch me the way you do now.


I’ve learned many hard lessons from falling in love and interpreting one’s intentions.

One taught me that it’s pointless to disguise odium as empathy.

One taught me that I can never choose what the love of my life gets offended by.

One taught me not to rely too heavily on my other half lest I lose my ability to solve problems.

One taught me not to sacrifice too much when making a commitment.

One taught me that there’s more to life than shotgun weddings and procreation.

One taught me to love who I am before I can give my light to others.

A lost boy who’s a year away from adulthood has given me his by sharing his own disappointments

Yet he still has the heart to resurrect the brotherly side that I had previously lost to a poisonous fable.


I know I want to love

And I want to be loved in return

But I am a free spirit and close friends mean the world to me.

I never see myself as a “give and take” kind of bloke

All because the little things in life are what matters more to me.

Who would want a lover like that?


I am sorry that you feel the way you do, but no matter what the future brings,

I’ll always love you and be indebted to your compassion.

I swear on the grave of my jewel and cousin, I wish you the best in life

Whether I spend mine with you or not.

The skies have never been greyer.



sometimes I think

the necklaces inside me

have written my story.


every word I will ever say

every handshake

every stranger.


in a snapshot of memories

he laughs at my lines.

my soul, written down in strands, screams

take me when you go.

I know somehow he will be a stranger again.


when I can’t sleep

the strands will blink a million eyes


a mental breakdown

(like all of them)

that can only be seen physically

on the inside.


when I am breathless

they can breathe for me


purer oxygen than I would

be able to ever flirt into my veins…

they have so much to say.


maybe that’s why I just watch.


when I can’t scream

the necklaces will come apart.


what a way to come undone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 6/5/2020