Short Love Quotes For Married Couples

People connections and relational unions require a great deal of sustaining to be effective. At the point when weariness discovers its way into a relationship, it stagnates in one spot. It is at this point emotions start to vanish and couples begin to ponder what happened out of the blue. Everybody needs to be reminded all the time that they are loved. Aside from the activities that mean love, they likewise need them to be combined with words which bring bliss. These are the words that keep the heart merry and warm. 


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In all actuality words do have an extraordinary task to carry out in making a relationship work. They are the words that will hold an individual closer to the heart. They bring grins and joy when recollected even without the individual who expressed them. Be that as it may, it can some of the time be difficult to realize the words to state. It goes to a point where you never again have new words to state to keep the flame consuming in your relationship. This is the place short love quotes come in. They are quotes created and gathered from various individuals, all of which spin around love. They accompany profound feelings relating to love and can in this way have a significant effect. 


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The best territory to angle for the best love quotes is on the web. There are sites which are exclusively devoted to sentimental expressions; they have about a great many them recorded. When you experience a couple of the love quotes, you will figure out how to pick one that legitimately functions for your relationship. You will be flabbergasted at exactly how ground-breaking and genuine a portion of these arrangements can be. The destinations, sort the platitudes into segments with the goal that it turns out to be simple for you to locate the most pertinent to your relationship. For example, you will discover love quotes for her, love quotes for him and even uplifting love quotes.


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and I don't know how you will destroy me


will it be with something I’ve known


like it was sitting

on that shelf

for years

pretending to not have a blade

before it came down upon me


you sat next to me

for so long

and then I was

holding you


sometimes I think

it could be lies because

I have

never liked the truth

and being deceived into

my own ending would

just be too fitting


or maybe

it will be your eyes

because if you stare at something

too long

you’re bound to turn to stone


you probably think

I stare too long

I think I need a lifetime


if I keep thinking about

how I will end

maybe the universe will not

take the trouble to

do it

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 5/14/19

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My Partner



He is my king

He loves with pride

My second wing

I dare not hide


We are not the same

We grew up far

Unwilling fate has came

And I found my star


Upon first glance

We were destined to be

We took our chance

In a path I couldn’t see


From city to city

They saw our love 

So bright and pretty

Like from up above


This man you know

He is my rock

I see him, I glow

Destined for wedlock 


Us against the world

We were once brave

Our struggles twirled 

One could not save


I try and try

To be a good friend 

We start over from hi

But our love couldn’t end


Ladrecus Shepard

The name engraved 

Our times unmeasured

Let us be saved


I ask you please let us be

Give our hearts a break

Why can’t we see 

We don’t need to ache


And if you wonder

He is my only friend

My true partner

Until the very end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was written for my first and my last love. 

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It Begins In The Morning

In the morning, all arise
Early, we open our eyes.
The night, all it is gone
And easterners have won
Thy rising; the morning sun.
We've only just begun,
Singing unto the sky,
Seizing all that is nigh,
While oh slowly we tread
Much more of life ahead;
Thy hours, to be seen
Thy fertile fullness, serene,
Mornings for thee
All await, already.

Children Our Future

Our children, adults will be tomorrow
Thy nation people
Are they who'll further grow,
Another nation's people
To rise the flag, holding it
To keep a fire, bright and lit
With songs of country minstrels,
With awards and victor laurels,
With arms, together coming
Unions of youth when thronging,
Become a country, indeed,
To sow for the land, a seed,
That grow a many in the end,
For those many sowers, many hands!

The darkest stars

As long as there are stars to see at night
There will be problems for us outside
And there's nothing to grant you a better life
Just the expectancy of something worse
Only to be surprised with something
Probably as good as it was in the beginning
And that's how life rolls
How Earth's still turns
And how dark takes over the sun
How the stars shine along


I lay in dark and dreaming sleep
While countless wars and ages passed
While lovers lost and children died
The cycle ran until, aghast 
I opened my eyes, so I should see 
And learn from this unending past
That life is short, though days are long
And that we were never meant to last.
I woke to noise and screaming life
But death was ever found to be
Within the dissonance of voice
Born in children, grown in me
I ran until I fell alone
But decease, like a fey banshee
Moved silently in my shadowed steps
With no intent to set me free
I dozed through my own middle life
I couldn't care to breathe or die
To see my friends or family
Would just admit that I'm alive
I felt like life would canter on
Meaningless, though I'd strive
To fight the caress of lover-death
To hope my wonder would revive
I slept tonight a wondrous sleep
Of moon and star and sunlit eyes
From my bed, I heard her creep
And then I found to my surprise
An angel of unending rest
With promises to mesmerize 
I gave her my own soul to reap
No more left to agonize 
Author's Notes/Comments: 

I liked the first two lines enough to compose another poem

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The Deep Anguish

Satish Verma

In city of thousand sacrifices 
the dominion reads― 
your mind. 

When you were putting 
salve on paranormal wounds. 

Telekinesis begins. 
Fear lurks in your home― 
before the orgy of slaughter starts. 

The echo of blood― 
looms large on the beach of glassy eyes. 

The sinner wants to be 
anointed, to 
do it again. 

In stench you walk alone 
to meet god.

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Burn & Blaze

Shift Up


The clock ticks across the waves of time,

I count them, watch them, wishing I could 

change the course of time,

Crest, trough. Rise, sink. Tide in. Tide out.


I fell from the cliff into the waters below,

freezing, sinking; the roots I had gone.

All things blurred; salt steeping into wounds,

I'm a relic of an era long gone. 


And I can't turn back time. 


The storm rages on and I suffocate

in the depths, dark and deep, 

dislodged out of time, 

days gone. Dimmed. 


And I can't turn back time. 


A pyre, past lit, 

A catalyst to combust or

A path, of possibilities, of 



Time consumes, the tide comes.


The fire within, held close and tight,

The only thing to keep warmth, 

Stare at the fiery beacon, 

and learn to yield the inferno. 


Don't let the flame consume you, 

Lest it burn you back to the depths,

Don't the fire go out,

Lest time claims you forever. 


Mimic the light in the distance,

so far gone and stolen away,

To a place that cannot see backwards,

But still a beacon for pathfinders,


And I'll use time instead. 


Burn, contort, shape, and meld

the future to your will, and 

blazing into the future is now 

all I can do. 

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