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Crow Bars


I like to get to know people

To learn about them

And get them to open up.


Therefore, I always carry around things

So that I can pry people open

Until I’m surrounded by a pile of broken crowbars.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/9/17

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Only You can pick up the pieces

Of my shattered past

And make something beautiful from it

Gathering the shards and placing them

Into an amazing and wondrous design

Like a stained glass window

Each piece meticulously positioned

Into a picture only the designer could see


When I give to You my best

I try so hard to make You proud

My feeble attempts

Like a bruised and broken flower

You hold it gently, press and mount it

Hanging it high for all to see


One day I pray that I can look back

And see my whole life laid before me

All the hurt and pain I experienced

Interwoven with the joy and happiness

A blanket that I can wrap my heart up with

And the knowledge that my life wasn't in vain

That I could see every stitch You made

How You carried me all the way

And brought me home to stay


If I talk about my 6 qualities,

they're not really much of an ability.


One of them might be that I obsess over everything,

but that's only because I am very settling.

Second could be that I am good at math and science,

but never could I ever seem to hold an appliance.

Now third comes next, the fact that I cheer people up,

and now that I think of it, it's probably because I'm such a crackup.


Those were my best traits,

including that I am very good with dates;

Yes, the one on the calendar,

I don't need to say the worse ones any louder.


My next 3 include me being annoying, 

because everything I do or touch, I seem to be destroying.

I also want to stop being so insecure,

or that I'm mean to my brother because I want a sister.

I always hate it when my family make fun of me,

so I always seem to be crying, unfree.


Those are all my traits from myself,

the lesson to be learning is to just be yourself!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this poem back in 6th grade so I decided to post it here haha :)


I did it again

It's a sin

Father forgive me

For I know what I do

I know what I choose

Time and time again

I choose Me over You


The first man condemned me

The last Man redeemed me

The inner man damns me

The new man reviles “Me”


I give up again

It's all I can do


So take “me” away

And fill me with You

For I know once I am more like You

I'll be the best Me I can be

Night Spots

Satish Verma

Tonight the moon will sit 
on the gazobe, 
to have a look at the sea, rising. 

On the night's shade 
dewdrops will wait, till 
morning glory blooms. 

It was a long night. 
My lamp starts to flicker. 
I hurry up to finish my poem.

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Crumbling Down

Satish Verma

Can you understand 
the agony of a titan, which 
cannot afford to show its fall? 

Missing the defeat― 
no one was victorious. 
Battle cry was a phantom. 

The questions, that were 
fluttering in a storm― 
had become the sufi fakirs. 

It was a dirty stricture. 
The colors had stopped flowing. 
Even the death has lost its terror.

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Something Wonderful


Have you ever looked at some one

and known that this person would change your life?

I don’t know what it was about her

but I knew she was something special.


Maybe it was the way her face lit up

when she smiled.


Maybe it was the way she looked at me

that completely melted my heart.


Maybe it was the way she said my name

like no one else had before her.


Maybe it was the way she was so carefree

so unapologetically herself.


When I looked into her eyes for the first time

I saw what we could be

and in that instant I knew it was something wonderful.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written 8/2/10

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Covered With Quills

Satish Verma

This paper lantern in lake 
was in love with you. 
The water oscillating, 
not the taper. 

The panelled remains of― 
walls still hold, 
your signs. You would not 
come back? 

Apparitions gather― 
to bid goodbye to the moon. 
A flame of the forest 
was due any moment.

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