i had it figured out 


right from the beginning


i just wanted to be sure


and now i'm sure


and now we'll catch you


and that will be that





7:48 AM 7/6/2013




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my ode to Karma


My Ode to Karma

Karma is a mispronounced word
Since time immemorial has been heard
It really means harmony
And isn’t just around you and me
Every thought, every step taken
Please wake up and smell this bacon
Every little thing you do
Moulds the shape and glues
Together your life history
Though to most it seems a mystery

Rule number one you get back
What you put out: Fact
Give off hatred; anger harmony
That’s all you get back sadly
and taken this to the extreme
and pay the price, rest of the family
will have your karmic debt on them
doubt also if your making heaven
there is no hell, you will be ok
but all that guilt will weigh heavy
when you realize the truth
Repercussions in everything you do

And when you think something is hard
Your higher self aint having a laugh
Cos you have added hardener to your life
And built in your own strife
Making things harder for you
I’m no liar this is the truth
When you think it’s easy it is
You have chosen a life less s&*t
Up to you; Life: Wade or Surf
Control your life or be a serf

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my ode to empire builders

current affairs

Ode to Empire Builders


God don’t like Romans
Or any Empire builders
Conquering other countries
One word for it: Nazi


Empires built on suffering
Death, destruction they bring
Claim civilized societies
One word for it: Nazi


Romans built straight roads
Sanitation, benefits; loads
Consequences, didn’t want to be
One word for it: Nazi


Roman, Spanish, Belgian, Dutch
American, Britain, French
Systematically stole countries
One word for it: Nazi


The civilization they installed
By force; didn’t ask locals
Stole all the gold and trees
One word for it: Nazi


You will pay the price
If your brethren weren’t nice
Empire builders were your family
One word for it: Nazi

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my ode entitled 'heredetary disease'

Hereditary Disease


I would like to tell you a story
About diseases that are hereditary
It’s how those diseases are passed
Through the century’s, made to last


Hereditary diseases are punishments
For any of a family’s nastiness
Does not matter how long ago
The family keep on paying till now


You may think this system unfair
You had no control back then
Your family for gold could have sold out
Or could be evil out and out


So have you a hereditary disease now?
How unfair does that sound?
Your paying the price for dark or Nazi
For someone in your bloodline definitely


But it isn’t unfair whatsoever
That whole families get grouped together
It’s the same rules for every planet
But from us the rules have been kept


Cos when you do evil you realize
Your whole family will pay the price
Designed to make you think twice
About doing undoubted wrongs: not right


Anyone that served a dominion; empire too
Will all pay a price through you
God don’t like people conquering nations
Residents now won’t make heaven


But soon all counters are reset
All hereditary disease clocks start again
With the coming spiritual graduation
Ask god and he might just let you in


This is what it’s all about then; diseases
through generations go missing
It’s god’s way to protect all believers
Despite the evil of some family members

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You load of bitches
You are all a bunch of witches
That pure evil jealousy
Can cause you all to be so witchy

Do anyone ever actually just see me
Have you ever taken the time to let things just be
Why be so bitchy towards me
If all I have ever done was only give you honesty

If you all really so badly want to be me
Why don’t you take the time to actually really see reality, that i am only a little worker bee?
I get nothing more than any one of you
In actual fact, I am getting far less that can make anyone blue

But no, all you see is what you want
And you are permanently on the hunt
You load of bitches
You are all a bunch of witches

You are all dark human beings
And may karma fly all of you off on her beautiful wings

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Stingy Vs. Karma And The Winner Is...

Time saved not spending with your daughter…Years
Energy spent on anger toward daughter…Much
Money saved not buying daughter necessities to live…Thousands

Time spend driving daughter to counseling…Months
Energy spent trying to convincing doctors you are a good dad…Much
Money spent on in-patient psychiatric hospital $50,000

Priceless? MasterCard thinks so!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

One of the ways I've been healing is I've learned that Karma takes care of situations. I don't need to get mad at someone anymore. I just let Karma do it's thing and this is such a perfect example.

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The least I expected you to do for me was to extend your hand as I’ve done for you
To offer your help and to ease my worry
But even that was too much
My words were stolen and pulled down the spiral of your conceited misery
It doesn’t always have to be about you
Do you think that you are the only one to suffer?
Get real
We all have a past, but some of us choose to not be victims of it.
Next time you ask me for a favor, I’ll remember your words and spit that right back at your face.

The Lies of Lust

Excuse me bitch,
you’re no man's prize,
loose lips and morals,
as you open your thighs.

Haunted by your sick, insane need
to feel wanted by any taken man.
Fleeing the responsibility of thousands of tears,
tears that will drown you in time.

I wonder who to blame;
the adulterer or the adultress
the actor or the actress
the whore or the man who leaves...
only to return,
whispering bittersweet lies,
looking on,
while I burn.

How does one truly forgive?
How does one truly move on?

I hear retellings of my tragic love story in every country song.

In dreams
I picture her walking,
ruby red lips and pale skin
proud of her conquest
the prize she has won
in her celebratory dance of sin.

Her tears will come
as karma fears none
you always pay for what you do.

The trickery of trust,
the lies of lust,
They always come back to you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm sure by now you have found a reoccuring theme in my poems. My ex-boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend. Writing has been a great outlet for my emotions. As time passes, I have been able to see how karma always finds those who take others for granted

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