Little Thoughts

Do I think too small?
Do I think at all?
If i have a thought does it matter?
all my little thoughts must lead somewhere for me.
i'm not sure where to be but i'm not sitting here for free.
all my dreams get filed in number 13, how can i think bigger thoughts for me?

i cut myself short and talk myself down.
i hold balloons but never leave the ground.
i make up words so i can say i'm smart, but it's all nonsense, just like my thoughts.
take me up to the clouds i will live there.
fill my head with trivial crap so i won't need it.
i know which way to turn if i never go left.

do i think about you?
do i think about me?
if i think about us does it matter?
all my little thoughts don't add up to anything for me.
i'm not convinced i have what it takes to make it big.
all my hopes get dashed in salt and pepper, how can i think of a better flavor?

i crack myself up and drown myself out.
i slash the tires on my think i can bus.
if my life was a movie, i'd play dumb and dumber, but it's all stupidity, just like my thoughts!
bury my head in the sand i like it there.
ignorance is comfortable and i wear it everywhere.
i know you don't trust me i lie because i want too.

do i think this poem sucks?
do i think you are bored?
if i think it's time to quit does it matter?
all my little thoughts evaporate into air.
i'm quivering in anticipation of my fears.
all my cleverness ran out about 10 years ago so none of this matters!

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Every Screw

i'm going to climb to the highest mountain and catch a ride on a shooting star.
i'm going to to ride it until it falls, until it falls.
i'll ride this high until i crash and burn.
up i go with no safety net; no hopes or dreams to catch.
i'll never accept i can't shine.

bring me a peice of the sun.
close out this darkness.
hold back your criticism.
i don't need an activist.
i won't reject you if you'll just let me go.

i lost it back there.
i keep climbing stairs to nowhere.
my heart is smoking a special blend of fears.
the devil told me God didn't want me, but yesterday an angel smiled at me.
somewhere between my destruction and my salvation has got what i need to know.

buy me a teflon soul.
let my nervous system reboot.
i didn't need a preacher.
opinions are freely given, but cost me all i hold dear.
i'm dancing across our history.
i feel like newly fallen snow my dog just shit on.
you never could let me slide.
you have to tighten every screw in my mind.

i can't forget the seeds you sow.
my mind reeks of your touch.
all your sick ideas continue to grow.
i got weed whacker in a shot glass.
i'll cure this affliction.
i'll down the poison until it kills your memory in my reflection.

i say crazy things and i mean them.
i deal in quantum madness.
mulitply me by my sadness.
the blackhole i've swallowed is turning me into you.
God forbid if there are two!

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Throughout The Night

Another hour, another minute
Seconds stretching through the dark
Begging to fall apart

Tears streaming on my cheeks
Falling lonely on the sheets
Hopefully the time has come
Or the night had just begun
Silenced melody inside my head
Humming words, better left unsaid

The night, so full of sorrow
And desperate hopes of tommorow...

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