Every Screw

i'm going to climb to the highest mountain and catch a ride on a shooting star.
i'm going to to ride it until it falls, until it falls.
i'll ride this high until i crash and burn.
up i go with no safety net; no hopes or dreams to catch.
i'll never accept i can't shine.

bring me a peice of the sun.
close out this darkness.
hold back your criticism.
i don't need an activist.
i won't reject you if you'll just let me go.

i lost it back there.
i keep climbing stairs to nowhere.
my heart is smoking a special blend of fears.
the devil told me God didn't want me, but yesterday an angel smiled at me.
somewhere between my destruction and my salvation has got what i need to know.

buy me a teflon soul.
let my nervous system reboot.
i didn't need a preacher.
opinions are freely given, but cost me all i hold dear.
i'm dancing across our history.
i feel like newly fallen snow my dog just shit on.
you never could let me slide.
you have to tighten every screw in my mind.

i can't forget the seeds you sow.
my mind reeks of your touch.
all your sick ideas continue to grow.
i got weed whacker in a shot glass.
i'll cure this affliction.
i'll down the poison until it kills your memory in my reflection.

i say crazy things and i mean them.
i deal in quantum madness.
mulitply me by my sadness.
the blackhole i've swallowed is turning me into you.
God forbid if there are two!

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Beavis's picture

Good poem!

Just the lines "buy me a teflon soul. / let my nervous system reboot" are priceless! Keep writing and I'll keep reading ;-)